"Ross and Carrie Subsist on Soylent: It's Not People Edition"


I’m not sure who Ross and Carrie are, but apparently they tried Soylent and delivered a podcast about it:

or, an alternative link:



I have only listened to a few minutes so far, but I am surprised how much they know about the history of Soylent. Apparently the guy on the podcast met Rob.


I finished and they were very knowledgeable about the product and how it was developed. I learned several things that I didn’t know before.

However, they are a bit behind (were heavily involved in the development iterations, but not much after that) and complained a lot about the farts, which I don’t think are a problem anymore for 1.4 or (presumably) 1.5.

I like how they rated it on a pseudoscientific scale, dangerous scale, creepiness scale, and pocket-draining scale.

I didn’t know who they (Ross and Carrie) were either, but apparently they have somewhat of a following online after googling them.


Ross and Carrie are delightful podcasters whose schtick is to try things “so you don’t have to”. They’ve done laughter yoga, oxygen bars, isolation tanks, “oil pulling”, juice cleansing, colonic irrigation. Possibly the most hilarious one is the one where they try penis and breast enlargement devices ordered off the internet. But they are usually fair and even generous to their subjects, and kind to the people they meet.

I subscribe to the podcast from iTunes and was delighted to see this one pop up in the feed yesterday. Can hardly wait to hear it.


Not true, at least not for everyone.


I was startled last night when I downloaded my monthly “Oh No, Ross and Carrie!” podcast, and found my worlds colliding.

It’s a skeptic podcast, that spends a lot of time on religions and new-age-y things, but, as @davecortesi says, in a kind and humane way. (They stayed friends with a lot of Mormons they met when they joined LDS; they themselves are both recovered fundie kids.) They’re funny. The episode where they took enormous “overdoses” of homeopathic remedies is a good example.

Instructive to listen to them talk about something I was personally familiar with. They take pretty short dives, all in all–generally a month tops, though in this case it sounds like Ross spent quite a while in the beta-testing group–so they’re necessarily not going to get all the nuances. A topic like oil-pulling doesn’t really need that much nuance.

Anyway, their experience seems to have been: Ross got in on the beta program, and tried the early versions dutifully until finally his coworkers said “Dude, you’re really unhappy on your Soylent days, maybe you should just stop.” He missed conventional food too much, so he pulled out of the beta program.

Carrie recently got a batch of what sounds like 1.3, and ended up doctoring it with Mexican chocolate to make it more palatable. She’s a small person and misunderstood serving sizes, so she overate at first and felt logy and sloshy. She also desperately missed conventional food.

Both of them got death farts. Very, very, very farty farts.

Carrie was a bit concerned that someone on 100% Soylent could be missing nutrients we don’t understand yet. But she and Ross both thought Soylent could make sense for people who didn’t crave conventional food so much, or for the occasional meal, and they thought the price was (for a first-world buyer) very good. Carrie thought the whole idea was middling creepy on the creepiness scale, but she’s not the kind to slam people who do like it. Ross pointed out that there are people conventional food isn’t as wonderful for, for whom Soylent would be attractive.

Anyway, welcome to the podcast, ONRAC newbies!