Runner Thinking About Soylent

Hey all. I’m a runner thinking about soylent. Only problem is, I don’t think I’ll get near enough nutrients, and not in the correct amounts. I’m running about 60 miles a week, consisting of long runs, workouts, and just plain runs. Would there be any way I could use Soylent or is it just not possible?

Why do you think you won’t get enough nutrients? If you’re running then you’ll be needing a lot of calories, so you’d just consume a lot more Soylent every day than the standard 2000 calories (so the nutrients would scale up accordingly).

Before @GregH, the resident runner chimes in, I’d like to take a stab at this.



I run 60 - 80 mpw and am always training for the next marathon. I was running out of energy during my runs. I add one or two frozen bananas as a rule, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I have to supplement with pasta.

Last night I had pasta and a glass of Soylent and today tried something new, namely adding a cup of instant oatmeal in with the Soylent. I always use a blender so have no problem with the mixing. I’m scheduled for 14 miles after work today, namely 3wu+8MP+3cd, and I’m hoping that the combination of last night’s pasta, plus my 1 breakfast glass of Soylent with bananas and oatmeal, and another lunch glass of the same will be enough for my run.

I was also trying to lose some weight while marathon training, but that is a tricky business to get right and still have enough energy for the runs.

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We currently have an active thread tailor made for you:

This guy is a runner who does ~70 miles per week and writes for The Hustle living on only Soylent for a month. He should be 2 or 2.5 weeks in and has posted his first 7 day write up.


If your light, it might be enough by itself. If your average or large, you could use soylent for your base nutrition, and then eat extra for your running.

Like salted crackers and a banana, or some gatorade. The usual runner food.

I remember someone (possibly @GregH?) saying that they use watered-down Soylent like a sports drink.

I’ve been on Soylent (and previously Schmoylent) for over 9 months… typically 60-90% of my calories. Lately I’ve been adding protein (whey) and fat (light olive oil) to reach a macro profile closer to that of Soylent 2.0. at about 2400kcal/pitcher. During this time I’ve lost about 10 pounds and last month for my 36th marathon, ran a PR of 3:27 (I’m 48 years old). In June I ran my fastest 5k (19:54). So I’d say the Soylent is working fine for me. I typically only run 30-40 miles a week (sometimes over 50) but often ride 80-100 miles on the bike as well. I’ve used diluted Soylent in the bike bottles for long rides and that works fine. While the higher fat diet in general has been working fine for me, I have noticed that for speed work I do perform better with extra sugar (ie gatorade) than plain water… On the most part I’m trying to cut down on sugar and salt (moderate high systolic BP). Other blood metrics have been fantastic though… 103 HDL, 95 LDL and 41 triglycerides.

Since you’ll no doubt be needing more than 2000 or 2400kcal/day running on average 8-9 miles you can supplement the calories with normal food as you see fit (for example the pasta that RVDowning mentioned… he’s on more of a high carb diet).


If you drink it before a run you’ll have to pause when you need to burp…

:grin: Actually I have experimented a little with Soylent just prior to a run (or swim)… Usually for me, any solid food just prior to an aggressive work out is a no-no… Yet I can gulp tons of liquid (ie water, Gatorade) without much GI distress… But liquid food? So far it’s been positive but I haven’t pushed it very far.

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Have you been drinking that carbonated Soylent?