Running and Soylent


I run 3-4 days a week and either lift or rock climb on rest days. I’m a little worried that the 2200 calorie soylent portion won’t be enough as myfitnesspal+fitbit software generally recommends that I eat 3200-3500 calories on an average day and up to 4000 calories on a particularly active day (and I generally struggle to eat more than 2500), and I’m actually hoping that Soylent will help me to eat more. Will I need to increase micronutrient consumption (consume more soylent/day), or could I add a mix of protein powder and a carbohydrate (is maltodextrin currently the main one in soylent) to increase the protein/calorie count to suit my needs.


Why not just have 1.5 portions of soylent per day? It’s what you’d do with muggle food, eat more of it.


Or add cornstarch or maltodextrin, or protein isolate, or coconut oil, or… well, you get the point. You can supplement the diet with appropriate macros and you won’t exceed the micros.


I’m trying to avoid consuming too high a quantity of some micronutrients. I’m pretty small… 5’6", 125 lb… I just burn a lot of calories and am already at the low end of healthy body fat %. I try to hit 150g of protein/day so I guess I’ll bring the protein quantity up to that with whey or something and take note of what the primary carbohydrate in Soylent is. If they release a Soylent 1800/2200, I’d love to see a Soylent 3000.


If you’re at the low end of body fat shouldn’t you then add more fat? Coconut oil is a pretty healthy fat.


I’m curious about the amount of energy it will give me for running, or won’t give me. When I finally receive mine I’ll see if I need to supplement my diet an hour or two before running.


Dietary fat != body fat. If you want to increase body fat you need to up your calories, best is to use a macronutrient your body preferentially stores as body fat. For most people that’s carbohydrate, but it does vary from person to person.


I would add protein, or have a banana or two after and before you run