Running Numbers & Waxing Theoreticals


As of this writing, the campaign site states it has over 10,000 people supporting the campaign.

Here’s the tl;dr to start:
What assumptions can we make about this number, or other population percentages, and how it secondarily effects other industries?

This includes effects on the food industry (from agriculture to transportation to animal production to marketing), waste management, resource consumption (water use, tp use?), gas (not as many shopping trips), time management (no longer need to spend time every day hunting for food at lunch, or even consuming it).

Bear in mind when thinking about all this that there’s a funny little bit about human nature when it gets a little extra efficiency: we tend to consume in bulk whatever was made more efficient to the point reducing the resource that was saved by the extra efficiency. See also: energy saving bulbs. Suddenly we can leave the lights on longer (which uses up as much if not more energy. D’oh.)

So, with this premise, what numbers can we crunch? What happens to an industry of $1.8 trillion if even a number as small as 20% of the population consume (conservatively) 75% of their meals through a nalgene bottle?

What about 70% of the population consuming 33% of their meals with Soylent or any derivatives?

What could be hit the hardest? (Fast food most likely, me thinks) What could see a growth (elements in soylent that are consistent like whey protein or corn products)?

And, lastly, the money saved. Effects on the economy from the subsequent money saved? Probably just go into paying off debt in the US, but still. More money for leisure & entertainment by far. Perhaps a whole new industry to fill that suddenly free half hour to an hour in the middle of the work day.


Yes. Very interesting to consider the repercussions. However, also very difficult as I can’t think of anything past the abstract.

You never know, it could very well be part of a cultural revolution and we’ll all have been here at the start.


We have had many revolutions that changed world. Car. Calculators. Computers. TV. Internet. Soylent will not be first, nor will it be last. I for one look forward to soylent future.