Runny Nose? Soylent 2.0 user for 9 months (Soy allergy?)

Soylent 2.0 has been life changing for the past 9 months but I’ve been having a runny nose every day.

It didn’t bother me that much and I was just assuming it was dust in the office but recently a friend of mine tried it and said he was getting runny nose after consuming it sometimes.

Some days it’s 1 napkin to clear my nose but other days i got through 20 or so.

Now I love Soylent 2.0 and don’t want to stop but has anyone else been experiencing this? I will continue taking Soylent as it’s just better than normal food and I won’t stop even if it kills me.

I also do not have ANY allergies and haven’t had this happen before Soylent consumption.

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Found someone else with the same issue:

While unfortunate, I don’t think that’s a common problem.


You’re not alone. I generally react the same way to Soylent 2.0, though it isn’t a very pronounced effect. I’m curious to find out which ingredient causes this reaction.

As a side note, I sometimes get a runny noes when eating ice cream. I’m not lactose intolerant as far as I know, however, and I eat tons of cheese with no problems.

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AFAIK cheese has very little lactose. I’ve apparently become slightly lactose intolerant (with age?), but I only ever notice if I drink a significant quantity of milk or milk-based drinks (and my only symptom so far is abdominal cramps). I’ve yet to find a limit for cheese or yogurt (usually greek yogurt, which I assume has less lactose than normal yogurt).


Could this just have something to do with how cold the soylent is during consumption? I take mine straight from the fridge.

I have always had a runny nose in the morning, as long as I can remember so, I wouldn’t be a good person to ask if they are experiencing this as a direct effect from soylent.

Are you on any medications? There are several “common” medications that cause runny nose. I just started a new medication that has a side effect of “runny nose.”

  • No medications
  • Healthy male
  • Under 30
  • Good shape
  • No diabetes or medical conditions, etc.

Ate a burrito today for lunch, no runny nose.

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I am guessing its because soylent is chilled? Consuming chilled foods can sometimes lead to a runny nose. Do you get it when you have other chilled foods?

That’s what I am thinking as well. I am going to try drinking it warm for a few weeks and see how it goes.

I am all of these things.
(Decent shape. No known medical conditions or diabetes.)

I have the same issues.
Room temperature 2.0 at lunch daily except sat and sun,
like 40 napkins daily except sat and sun.
Without 2.0: currently no problems.

Looking into it.
Environmental factors maybe? Mold indoors? Pollen outdoors? Diet?
Not enough data.

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Hello Kando,

Same thing here. 40 napkins a day. I think it’s an allergy to Soy.

I just started cutting on Soylent consumption and will let you know if there are any updates.

Glad I am not the only one. I was going to try 1.5 but they upgraded to 1.6 which now has Soy protein instead of rice :frowning:

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I’ve had a runny nose for 60 years. Does that count?


Hello Kando,

Do you have an update regarding runny nose?

I am thinking of coming back to Soylent since I’ve been off it for a few weeks.

With 2.0 I initially experienced a scratchy/itchy throat thing, though that has since subsided (probably took a few weeks to months…its been a while).

No increased issues with running noses (I’ve always gotten them if I don’t get enough sleep).

I’m also lactose intolerant (badly!) and have used almond milk as a substitute but eventually seemed to begin having a reaction to that as well.

I started taking an allergy pill.

Non-soylent related mold allergy symptoms dissipated,
and no issues when I drink the shake.

Just wanted to note that I figured out what the problem was. I am lactose intolerant.

Never had it as a kid but it developed in my late 20’s.

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Soylent 2.0 doesn’t contain lactose (AFAIK). Were you consuming dairy too?

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Yep, just a little but once I removed it completely all symptoms went away. I’ve been struggling with stomach problems for the past 3 years.

It’s like a whole new life where eating food doesn’t feel like it’s killing me. No gas issues, bloating, stuffy nose, etc. All gone.


Because I like saying it - algae allergy.