Russian TV segment on soylent this weekend?


Tuesday, I was interviewed by Russian TV ( for a segment they’re doing on soylent. They were planning to interview Rob yesterday AFAIK. Photo via my roommate:

Is anyone in Russia and able to record the segment when it airs? They said it was probably going to be this weekend. The reporter wasn’t sure if it would be automatically uploaded to the internets.

#2 sorry, i have very slow internet connection by now, but i think that’s what are you looking for. I can translate sound, if you are interested. Actually NTV like to scary old people in our country, so don’t be surprised in strange contrast of discussed themes.


Thanks – that must be the one.

For those who haven’t clicked, it’s basically a 5-minute clip about soylent, then about some anti/food initiative in Russian where some scientists seem to be making a smoothie out of maggots. Not the most flattering comparison : D


I am not russian, I tried to watch this thing and it seemed like they were very much against the idea of soylent… I am basing this on the added sound effect of when they put soylent into a glass… like it was some disgusting liquid…


Moscow is here, please never again speak with Russian TV companies, they are all using something new and weird to scare Putins electoral against USA.


very funny. Please, look on that from other side - why electoral can be scared about that stupid idea? Because is it. Maybe we will use physiological saline directly?
P.S. Sorry for my english. I’m russian, but Putin is not my president. Anyway we are not against USA, just against stupid ppl here or anywhere.