Sad Lunch Challenge: Submit your photo and receive a free Soylent t-shirt!


We got a lot of solid feedback from the community during the first week of this challenge. Based on that initial feedback we are adjusting the challenge to better reflect how Soylent has impacted the lives of those who use it.

Soylent is a healthy and nutritious alternative to many people’s workday meals. Many of you have made the switch from your PB&Js or lukewarm leftovers. Unfortunately, you don’t always have Soylent to save you. Maybe you left your Soylent on your kitchen counter at home in your rush to get to work. You might have just run out of your supply and are waiting for your next shipment (maybe a subscription is looking pretty good right now!). But whatever the case, you’ve still gotta eat lunch! We want to see what lunch is like without Soylent.

With that in mind, go forth and document! Don’t forget to share your photos on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook using the hashtags #SadLunch and #SaveMeSoylent. You can also post your photo to Reddit or on Discourse.

Here is an example to get you started:

Everyone who participates will get a Soylent tshirt (send a screenshot of your submission and your mailing address to to claim your prize). The top three images in the #SaveMeSoylent hashtag will be selected by the Soylent team and will receive a prize pack which will include Soylent gear and a week of Soylent to hopefully save you from any future sad lunches! Good luck and if you happen to be suffering through some sad lunches, we’ll be thinking of you.


For anyone interested, the results of the previous challenge are posted here: Blindfold Challenge Results

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You should also accept from Google+, just sayin
I do not have accounts on the 3 listed, nor will I

You can post images here as well :smile:


Here’s my brothers ‪‎"Sad Lunch‬." 1880 calories, 22g fat, 15g protein, 318g carbs, 102g sugar, 3.5g saturated fat, 720mg sodium. Posted it on Facebook and Instagram too, but I’m not sure if I succeeded in making it public.


Holy hell… Just fries for lunch! :smile:
That would put me into a food coma. I’ve been know to eat just as bad at times though.

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I am amused. You observed of the first challenge, “The way it was done, people were more likely to click like on posts near the top of the thread because the thread was long and rambling with extra comments besides the videos themselves, and someone would have to have been quite dedicated to go through the whole thing and look for each video post.”

Then you add this extra comment in this thread, which isn’t germane to the challenge at hand. :smile:

I think his complaint is that the videos were not collected in a more orderly fashion to vote on. The extra comments in the thread were not the problem; it was the lack of a refined voting system.

I agree with him. I watched every video, but as I was doing it, I thought to myself, “Is anyone else really going to watch all these videos like this?” Maybe I have an overinflated sense of my own patience, but it was nearly too tedious for me to do!

Also, I don’t know about the judges, but an unsolicited tip for anyone in future video challenges: please edit the boring parts out of your videos! Or fill the silence with something so it isn’t boring. I’m not naming any names, but if a video has two minutes of action, it shouldn’t be ten minutes long.

As an example, I thought @bkbkbk did a fantastic job with his video (even if he didn’t win!).

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His complaint may be valid. But I amuse easily. He added a comment in this thread complaining about the last thread being long with “extra comments”. That’s funny. Laugh with me.

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Will results be posted on the 30th? I’m looking forward to seeing the pictures and finding out what kind of “Soylent gear” the winners get.

Hoodies and other products we are working on :smile:


After completely forgetting I sent 4 bags to friends to try (two to Canada before Soylent shipped there!) so I had none until the next shipment, I had to dig around in my food archives for what I had on hand and managed to find non-out-of-date-yet lunch for two days. I took photos just to annoy my girl fried :slight_smile:

The first is pan-toasted Saitan and salt-free catsup. The second is four tofu-dogs, microwaved, with some slices of pepperjack cheese and some deli-mustard.

Heading to an out of town wedding for the weekend after work, so I didn’t stock up on groceries if I’m going to be away.

Soylent just started shipping to Canada, and I’m eagerly awaiting my delivery. Store brand can chili and ramen noodles… I should be better than this. #savemesoylent

Here’s what we eat on long backpacking trips with my boyscout troop. Works alright, tastes horrible, and can’t hold a candle to Soylent.


What I eat at work when I’m out of soylent. #SadLunch #SaveMeSoylent

I’m not sure if this is still running, but…

When I forget my Soylent for lunch, I’m stuck with vending machine lunch and water… (fish have been disguised to protect the innocent)
#SadLunch #SaveMeSoylent

For the DIY’ers like me who run out of soylent

#SaveMeSoylent #SadLunch

It is running, what a sad lunch :cop:

I wouldn’t call a pepperoni stick and string cheese sandwich a #SadLunch. I mean, it has fancy mustard.

Sigh… #SaveMeSoylent