Safe to use soylent from unsealed pouch?



I’ve been using soylent for a few months now and have really enjoyed it. No major issues thus far. While I was unpacking my latest monthly shipment into cabinets, I noticed that one of the pouches had never been properly sealed. That is, there is a small opening at the top of the pouch where puffs of powder escape when I handle it.

It is not any inconvenience, but I am concerned as to whether the contents of this pouch are safe to consume. My initial guess is that the powder contained within the pouch is safe; however, I have read elsewhere on this forum that an opened pouch of soylent has a shelf-life of “a few weeks”. Obviously, this pouch was never sealed to begin with, so it has been opened for more than a few weeks.

Is it safe to consume a pouch that was never properly sealed? Has anyone had this problem before? If the soylent is not safe to consume, does anyone know if refunds are available for soylent that arrived in an inedible state?

Just got my subscription, Soylent bags not sealed

Please discard the pouch and we’ll ship you another. Thanks for reporting the issue – we’re working with the manufacturer to reducing the incidence of mis-sealed pouches.


I’d probably still use it…umm for science right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the response. Do I need to send my information via e-mail, or is my soylent account already linked to my forum account on here?


If you used the same email on your Soylent account as your Forum account, they can find it relatively easily.


Was able to find your order based on your discourse account info. It’ll be sent out tomorrow. Thanks again!