Safely Supplementing Official Soylent


My plan when I start Soylent is to spend a week getting used to it, and then I’d like to start exercising. Unfortunately according to a few BMI calculators I’ve used, even being “sedentary” I’m using 2450 calories a day.

My goal is to lose my excess weight and develop more muscle. Consuming fewer calories will help with losing weight, but I’m afraid just using Soylent and dropping 400 calories, plus exercising could do terrible things to my body.

My question is, for additional calories(and protein for muscle building), what could I safely supplement to Official Soylent to achieve these goals?


You could just drink more Soylent or go with minimal nutrient protein powder.


I’d thought about just having more Soylent, but I know too much of certain nutrients can be dangerous so I wanted to avoid that. Also, Soylent is kind of expensive for a broke college student like myself. I want my 4 weeks to last those 4 weeks.

The more I look up how many calories are recommended for my current height/weight/age the more I worry Soylent might not be enough for me. Since I plan to become more active after Soylent, this calculator is telling me I need over 3000 calories a day.

Additional info, I’m 23, 5’9", about 215 lbs with about 32% body fat.


In general I would say the easiest way to go about this is to either find some non nutrient rich protein shake or eat your Soylent portion till it’s gone for the day and then eat non Soylent dinner, if necessary. I would probably go with low carb stuff. Like beans, meat, etc.


My understanding is that Soylent is adding “optimal” amount of the various minerals at the lower end. In fact, several people are reporting that the sodium levels aren’t sufficient if they engage in lots of exercise or live in a hot climate so they supplement. This makes sense so that those with low sodium needs have a better diet. It’s easier to supplement.

In your position, I would supplement with real food if you are uncertain. As stp says, beans or meat. Or, my suggestion, eggs which would give you protein and other goodies. Or simply take more Soylent for more balanced calories.

I have a slightly different thing in that I will be continuing to supplement (I use a customized vitamin/mineral/herbal capsule system) and when I get my Soylent I will be wanting to recalculate my supplements to not include the more dangerous minerals. But my caloric needs will be well within the 2000 calorie basic Soylent diet.



I was going to suggest a quart of nonfat milk but then I worried about calcium overload.


Eat your Soylent and go buy some cheap microwave burritos :smile:


Cheap microwaveable crap and fast food is something I am really hoping is something I never have to put in my body ever again after Soylent.


I plan to supplement Official Soylent by adding hard rhino whey protein isolate on days I workout.


exercising while on a calorie deficit won’t do terrible things to your body. that’s how cutting weight works. 400 is on the higher side so you might feel a little sluggish but thats it.

if you want more calories…eggs.


I’m in a similar situation to you. I’ll be adding protein powder to mine. My primary goals are hitting my protein requirements while keeping my calories in check. I wrote a calculator to help me get the ratio of Soylent/Protein powder. It may be useful to you.


As a guy who is 6’1, 260lbs and has a 500lb deadlift, I can say that unless there’s something really unusual with you, you don’t need 3k calories per day. Maybe on heavy workout days but as somebody who spends 4+ hours a week in the gym and is nearly 25% bigger than you, I rarely break 3k calories. If you haven’t started to work out yet, you don’t NEED 3k calories.

That said, anything that uses BMI as its primary contributor is garbage. Guarantee. If somebody told you that you needed to get more gas in your car based solely on the size of your trunk, you’d look at them funny. BMI is a very simple equation that was never meant to be applied to individuals. It’s used all over because it’s fast and easy, not because it matters.

My suggestion (and what I did to figure it out): Get My Fitness Pal or something similar and track your intake and exercise. Don’t change anything. Just be you, eat what you eat, do what you do. Keep track of EVERYTHING. Do that for about 3-4 weeks and that will give you a better idea of what you’re actually doing right now. You’ll be surprised.

Onto your actual question- Do your research on what macros you need. Saying that you’re going to “start exercising” doesn’t tell you what you’ll need. If you’re going to hit free weights and try to build some powerful muscles, you’ll need more fat and more protein. If you’re going to start doing distance training on your bike, you’ll need more of the complex carbs. In both cases you’ll need more salt and potassium.

Google “SMART goals.” Set a couple. Then plan your path to them. “lose weight and exercise” isn’t going to get you anywhere. “300lb squat and 190lb @joelshook by New Years” you can probably do. And you can definitely use to set concrete guidelines to get you to those goals. Soylent will be an awesome tool to use along the way. But it’s just one of many tools.

In my experience, Optimum Nutrition Natural pro complex is a great complete protein with lots of aminos and vitamins. Throw some into your diet after your workouts with a little fiber and a little sugar, some cinnamon and a dash of salt and some MCT oil or coconut oil and boom- happy body.

I’m happy to fill you in my pre-soylent experience and you can see if any of it applies to your soylent journey.