Saladface's UK Low Carb Recipe


Almost finalised my recipe. It is still in development and various bits and bobs will change.

Here is the link:

Not sure if anyone should try to use this recipe, as I don’t stick to the RDA’s, its high fat low carb, and is a work in progress ;).

Someone starting out on their own recipes might find the spreadsheet useful though as it lets you easily change quantities via a multiplier, and it has a bunch of protein powders already included.


This is a modified version of a spreadsheet I found on these forums. Not sure who created it, but want to thank you whoever you are. I have made several modifications:

1)Added a ‘multiplier’. This is in the first row of each item. To use fill in the first column (greyed out) according to the units you find (if an items info is listed at e.g 30g don’t bother converting it to 100g, just fill it in as is). Then change the serving multiplier (3.3 to get 100g worth). This will update all the macros and micros, the second column are your final adjusted amounts. I did this so I can rapidly tweak the amounts of various things and not have to re-enter stuff. Just adjust the multiplier until you get the req quantity and everything should adjust.

2)Added 06/03 ratio

3)Added Carb / Protein / Fat macro %'s

4)In the ingredients tab, added a meal column, which gives you amounts for individual meal (3x daily).

5)All protein powders have been included and the multiplier set to 0 on most. This is because I am still unsure how to do the protein, and with some of these the micronutrients are hard to find (and higher than you might think in some things) so some tweaking is needed if you use any of the vegan powders (rice,pea,soy contain a lot of iron). *Note, these were taken from 1 manufacturer so no guarantees of accuracy (would love to find more sources).

The Recipe

Cost - Cost can be vastly improved (probably down to £100 per month or therabouts). The expensive multi vit is a personal choice (I also got it for £33 this month), and you can probably use soy protein and a cheaper fiber. There are some extras I am using but have set the multiplier to 0, so these aren’t factored into the cost atm. Some of the items are shipped from the US. Items under £15 don’t seem to draw the wrath of UK customs, and it is cheaper by a margin to ship this shit individually and pay the $4 on each item from iherb (crazy, but that’s the UK for ya).

Calcium - It is low because you can’t get calcium anywhere near the RDA without supplementation or dairy (i.e. I think the rda is probably wrong, and am going closer to a 1/1 calcium / magnesium) I may yet up this a little higher to 0.5-0.7 using the calcium caseinate (if I can tolerate it).

Potassium - Again, almost impossible to get the rda with regular food. RDA here is probably high due to high sodium in diets.

Sodium / Chloride - Not convinced they need to be this high, and find it hard to eat enough salt to get the RDA. I intend to run an experiment modifying my sodium to see if it affects my blood pressure. If it doesn’t I may raise it.

B3 - Above the UL, but the form in ortho core is non flushing so isn’t relevant.

Choline - I eat a fair few eggs weekly in addition to soylent.


1)Multivitamin (AOR Ortho Core)
2)Potassium Gluconate
4)Rice Protein Powder
5)Pea Protein Powder
6)MSM Powder
7)Sodium Chloride
8)Olive Oil
9)Cocoa Powder
10)Omega 3 tabs
11)Acacia Fiber

Multivits, omega 3 tabs and most of the salt I take separately.

The Taste

I am using a premade mix protein of rice / pea hemp atm (but will switch to individual ones soon). Tastes vile due to the protein, its more the aftertaste that is the prob and it cannot be masked. I don’t mind it any more though. The whey version (with added sugar) tastes like chocolate milkshake however.


I was wondering when you were going to post what you have been working on.

A couple of things that I noticed.
Your sodium is low (which you already know)
Your potassium is low (which you already know)
Your magnesium is pretty high
Your niacin is REALLY high (I would recommend lowering this one)
Your urine is going to be really glow in the dark with how high all of your B vitamins are
Also I think that your Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio is a out of whack as that is pretty high. But yet again there is a ton of contradictory information on fats. Personally I am keeping mine around 3 or 4 for the ratio.
Where did you get the RDA for Omega 3 from? Just curious, as I have read a bunch of different numbers.
I would also recommend adding another type of oil rather than just relying on Olive Oil. One thing to also look at is the absorption rate of the short chain fatty acids. You will need to convert those to DHA AND EPA for proper absorption and you will lose some in the conversion. This was why I added some fish oil to my recipe, just to make sure that I don’t lose all of my Omega’s in the conversion.

Also you suck! After all of the issues I went through with fiber you never once mentioned acacia as a good source of fiber. :wink: Great find by the way.
While my current recipe is doing pretty well on fiber, I found that I might be able to shave $1 off the cost if I make some changes, which would require me to add in fiber again. So I will definitely be looking into acacia.

I’m not very good at the vitamin side of things so I can’t comment too much on them. I did notice that some of your vitamins were kind of high, but that could be nothing to worry about, as I just don’t know.

Since you are using a hemp protein that could be affecting your taste. I have read a lot of things on how the hemp can take over and there isn’t much you can do to get rid of that taste.

One last thing, take a look at your proteins as they contain sulfur as well in the cystine and the methionine. I forget the ratios, I think it was 21% and 29%. It’s on my thread somewhere what they are.

Great job!


I went with coconut flour for fibre, which would be good for your low carb approach given it is low in digestible carbs. Coconut flour is 35% fibre by mass, with some fat and protein mixed in along with a small amount of digestible carbs.


Lol, didn’t i mention acacia? - sry man, must have been another thread i posted it in :wink:

Re the Niacin, its non flushing in the ortho-core, and the UL on niacin is based around flushing. To get the benefits of niacin re lipids you need to have significantly more than the UL. Going above the UL worried me briefly but after looking into it (esp as I am using the non flushing kind) I am not concerned (and I get no flushing).

Re urine, my urine actually isn’t glow in the dark at all! - when I used to have one of the popular super giant pilled multivits (an alive one) previously my urine was blinding. On the ortho-core its fairly normal coloured (could be because the dosage is spread out, or different forms?).

Re fats and 06/03, you may be right and its something I will probably tweak. I don’t actually seem to respond particularly well mood wise to 03, and they seem to upset my gut, so it isn’t something I tend to jump at. I am actually using some mct oil (its in there just the multiplier is set to 0) and am building this up gradually, so can reduce some of the olive oil and improve the ratio somewhat that way. Flaxseed / Canola are both options to improve the ratio even further. I have some epa / dpa via the fish oil capsules, but keeping them a single tab for now. I can’t say where I got the RDA from, originally that column was going to be ‘my RDA’ with values I was aiming at, so I probably got that somewhere and then forgot to remove it when i switched back to the official RDA’s.

Interesting re hemp and taste, my understanding was (from the reviews on myprotein etc) that rice was also v chalky, sadly I have just received another 1kg of the mixed stuff, so will have to plough through it before further testing. A nice tasting soylent would be quite something :wink:

Re the non rda potassium / sodium / calcium etc this is mainly due to a time last year I spent monitoring and logging everything on cronometer to try to get the RDA’s while on a paleo diet, and it seems like the RDA’s were built with dairy in mind. That’s fine (nothing wrong with dairy if you tolerate it), but it just seems highly unlikely to me our optimum diet would include another animals milk as default (speaking from an evolutionary perspective). Nothing against dairy per se, but it seems fairly likely the RDA’s are overblown in a few areas (calcium / potassium etc).

I am actually doing a small self experiment to determine if I am sensitive to sodium re blood pressure. I have a blood pressure monitor, and can now perfectly control the salt in my diet. Going to go with 1.5g sodium this week and monitor 3x daily, and up it to something horrendous next week and see what happens ;). Sodium / Potassium will then be adjusted based on what I find.

Thanks for looking and giving your thoughts, appreciate it :slight_smile:


Thanks for the suggestion, looks like that could be most useful :slight_smile: I will investigate further - I guess the coconut taste is fairly strong?


I only add 56 g, so it add a nice coconut flavour, without being overpowering. I’m also flavouring with a tablespoon or so of cocoa and a tbsp of honey.


Unfortunately I think it has too much iron to work well in my recipe. Shame as it ticked a lot of boxes. - the nutrition of the stuff I could get hold off.

The problem I have is that I really really don’t want to go above 20mg iron and the pea and rice protein are pretty high in iron. So its a weird balancing act which ultimately seems to come down to protein to iron. At some point I will get my iron tested, which might make all this moot, but for now I am cautious with it.

This is ofc all assuming the source for the vegan powders is correct :wink:


That was also why I didn’t look at coconut flour. I’m actually amazed at how many foods have so much iron in them. Keeping my iron levels down is probably the hardest part of my calculations.

I don’t quite follow what you mean by flushing and non flushing. Do you have a link that I can read up on that?


Yeh, iron is a bitch tbh, and it is one of the important ones to be careful with as the body doesn’t get rid of the stuff easy. One to check up on with blood tests I would say.

You can read generally about flushing here: (the ortho core multivit I use is using Inositol hexanicotinate).

I emailed the makers with the qn about Niacin, the response they gave me is in this thread:

Some more about it here: - The nasty side effects seem to begin from 750mg, and that is with nicotinic acid (not Inositol hexanicotinate or nicotinamide).

The UL seems to be based on the level that some people experience flushing.


I accidentally reordered the unflavoured vegan blend, and I don’t think I have ever tasted anything as bad :wink:

This actually leads me into something of a problem as I was counting on being able to disguise the taste of the pea / rice mix (and it doesn’t look likely now). Have also been unable to find a suitable (trustworthy) source of phosphorous in the UK, and was relying on the phos in the pea.

So it is sort of a back to the drawing board situation. Soy is fairly tolerable taste wise, so I may have to do a thorough review of the science re estrogen and go with soy + some other source of phosphorous assuming I am convinced. Or I can try rice protein, but I hate buying another and not using. Seems with the official soylent using rice, it can’t be that bad (perhaps the pea / hemp are the main culprits in this mix). Anyone have any experience with unflavoured rice protein?

Slim chance the casein arriving shortly wont upset my gut, but that too has its problems (insane high calcium), and the phosphorous problem remains unsolved with any of these powders :frowning:

*edit, now considering dipotassium phosphate, soy and whey (as much as I can tolerate in the mix, maybe 20-30%). Going to add minor calcium supplementation as well to bump that up a little.


You get a free (and quick) iron test when you give blood, no?


Very good point :slight_smile: - I will have to check and see in the UK if they actually give us the value. Easy solution to the iron issue if they do.


Small update.

So, Rice protein powder. Just arrived and, being honest, the stuff ain’t great :wink:

However it isn’t anywhere near as bad as the taste of the rice / pea / hemp mix. Very chalky though, not so good.

Tolerable but not pleasant I think. I wonder how official Soylent are masking the taste.

Taste wise so far, whey>soy>rice>pea/hemp. Not sure how casein fits in yet. Hopefully I can moderate the rice taste by adding tolerable levels of whey & soy.


In the UK the iron test they do is pretty rudimentary – they just take a little blood from your finger and drop it into copper sulphate, then, I think, time it to see how long it takes to sink. It’s not really quantitative in terms of blood iron content.


Ah. They stopped doing that in Canada 5 or 10 years ago. They have a device that measures hemoglobin.


Just a little post to say my v2 (semi whole foods version) is just about done.


1)Introduced some whole foods. Eggs (2 per day) and tinned mackerel 1 per week. The mackerel can ofc be skipped (just in there due to conversion concerns from the vegetable o3 sources), obviously this isn’t added to the mix :D. Eggs can be included into the mix raw, or cooked separately. I will probably cook them separate, it is no problem just to boil them when I make a batch of soylent (every few days) and refrigerate the eggs. You could add a choline supp and drop the eggs and raise the protein powder instead. I like the protein coming from more sources though.

2)Removal of dipotassium phosphate, wasn’t convinced enough about this stuff. No need for extra phos anymore (could stand to lose a little from the new recipe in fact)

3)Addition of rapeseed oil (uk canola), and slightly reduced olive. Not entirely convinced about the processing of rapeseed, so opted for cold pressed. Haven’t tasted this stuff yet, so might not stay in :wink:

4)Switched aor ortho core multi vit, for orange triad. More cost effective multi, but still decent in the forms used (spread of e’s, a’s, better d that kind of thing). Has slightly more zinc etc than ortho core, and is more targetted at heavy weight trainers.

5)Going with a soy isolate and whey isolate mix for the protein source (plus the 2 eggs daily)

6)Added a little sugar. I was using stevia but this stuff is too expensive. This makes it a little higher carb, but nearer where I want it to be tbh as I wasn’t after pure keto. Sugar is almost free :wink:

7)Added losalt potassium chloride. May not add this into the drink, same with sodium chloride (I keep a pot with the daily salt and just eat some occasionally through the day, will probably continue with this). Cost saving change as potassium gluconate is more expensive.

8)Switched fiber from acacia to standard psylium (cost saving, haven’t tasted this yet ;))

Overall effective changes: improved 06/03 ratio from around 7, to near 4. Cost dropped from maybe £130 pm down to £115. Choline raised due to eggs. Generally more whole foods and less suspicious stuff.

Cost wise, this can be reduced significantly. Probably £20 can be shaved off from the multivit alone (if you are happy with inferior forms etc ;)), eggs you could probably drop £5 or so, more if you went with choline supp, rapeseed oil, maybe £3 or so, completely drop the mackerel (£8). A cheap version could come in somewhere around £85 or so per month at a stretch.

Probs: Calcium still a little low (doesn’t concern me much). Magnesium a little low though (might need to address this). Iron as a mix of heme and non heme probably ok (maybe a touch low). Phosphorous a little high. Still not 100% convinced of the micros etc in the protein powders, haven’t been able to get exact info from the ones used. Eggs, mackerel and oils also potentially have different real values (no way to tell).


Hey, I’m planning to use your recipe for my first DIY Soylent stint. Anything tips you’d give in terms of preparation etc. that’s not mentioned on the SS?


Hi, not really :wink: - I just measure it out into individual meals, pour a small amount of water into the shaker, then the powder (this stops it sticking to the bottom) bung the oils in, shake for a while and neck it :slight_smile:

I tend to modify the spreadsheet directly as I go along, so for example atm I am just using sugar for carbs and have raised carb a little bit, so at any moment it might not match up to the last post about it :wink: - the most current SS I use usually once or twice a day only, so I am being a little bit less precise with everything and calories are a little on the low side.