Salt craving on Soylent?


So it’s my first day on Soylent (1.5), and now it’s the afternoon, I’m craving salt like crazy! I was only planning on having Soylent for breakfast/lunch, which is good, because now I want to order a bunch of salty, MSG-y Chinese food for dinner! Anyone else having a similar experience? Any tips?


I’ve come across a few people who ran into similar issues. Beef jerky is a popular fix among my friends, but not the most healthy. The healthy fix would be to add a little salt to your Soylent.

EDIT: it’s weird that you’re having that issue while on 1.5, because it actually has slightly more than the recommended amount of sodium already. So my advise would be to try not to overdo it too much on additional salt.


Is your normal diet high in salt? It could be the sudden drop to very little salt.


My other half has much MUCH more salt cravings than I do, and though it’s hard to quantify, I think they’ve increased since starting Soylent.

But, she’s also way way WAY more physically active than I am, working like a demon in our yards for hours nearly every day, so she sweats like crazy. Makes sense she might need to replenish. Dunno if that applies to you at all.


This seems to contradict your other statement made not long ago that “WOW this is SALTY!” I’m sure there’s an explanation, but I don’t get it, offhand. Do you think 1.5 is too salty, not salty enough, or just right?


My comment was purely about taste, nothing more.


You can try adding 1-3 grams of salt to a days worth of Soylent (2 grams would still be below 2400 mg sodium


Nope…the recommended amount is 1500mg-2300 mg, so the salt in it is within but in the lower end of the recommended amount.

Edit: But i too find it strange that some people are finding it salty. Edit: This is not a knock on them or soylent. Am just trying to figure out why this is the case with soylent when other foods with much more salt dont feel as salty.


Have you tried the official Soylent yet @Tark? Personally I don’t find it salty at all,


My mom had serious salt craving, so much that she would add lot salt to everything, even salty meals. As it turns out it was Addison’s disease.

It’s not likely you has it, but it was definitely interesting. My mom got very sick due to very low sodium levels but is fine now.


Thanks for the correction


You might want to wait until you’ve been using Soylent for a week or two before adding salt to the Soylent. You could get any kind of cravings after changing your diet but after a while your body/brain may get used to it.

In the mean time you could just have some salty snacks to get over the cravings.


Didn’t the community discuss this issue back with 1.4, and it turned out that some people confused the sensation “salty” with the flavor “umani”? I’m not even sure what umani is, but I think I remember the topic.


I think most people calling it salty mean that it’s salty when compared to previous versions, not that it’s salty when compared to salty foods.

Have you tried any of them, yet? I’ve had 1.0 and 1.1, I have some 1.4, and I don’t have any 1.5.


I live in a country where soylent isnt shipping yet, hence i am satisfying my curiosity by asking those who have tried it. Thanks for the response y’all :smile:




You other half is going to break out in a sweat when she kicks your butt, after reading this. :punch:


I add 1/8th teaspoon of salt to my v.4. It makes a difference: reduces my afternoon cravings for salty snacks. I’m very physically active and I drink a lot of water, so my salt needs have always seemed higher than average (judged by my cravings for salty foods and the satisfaction that follows).

If you decide to add salt, just make sure it’s the kind without iodine (as Soylent already contains enough).


No. The DRI is 1500mg. The Tolerable Upper Intake Level is 2300mg. (UI is the highest level of daily nutrient intake that is likely to pose no risk of adverts health effects to most individuals in the general population.)

Recommended amount is much different than tolerable upper intake.

DRIs: Tolerable Upper Intake Levels, Vitamins


I believe you mean UL, not UI. Moreover, as you state, it is a level that poses no risk for the general population, and therefore consumption up to the UL may be considered risk-free - in other words, the healthy range is 1500 to 2300 mg. The entire range of 1500-2300 mg of sodium is considered maintaining “low sodium.” Bear in mind that the average is way above that.

There was a period where the science pushed for the lower end of the range, based on cardiovascular risk and high blood pressure concerns… But it seems someone moot to argue between 1500 and 2300, when half the population consumes more than 3400! For most people, lower is simply better, because their level is so high.

More recent research shows that those sodium concerns are mostly relevant for those few who are sodium-sensitive and who already exhibit high blood pressure. For most of us, the 2300 mg level is not a threshold of concern; the sodium-potassium balance is more relevant, and our diets tend to be chronically low in potassium.

Moreover, the very latest research is showing that there are also negative health outcomes related to reducing sodium to the 1500 mg level, when you look at things other than cardiovascular risk. So much so that the IOM is in the process of reviewing and revising their guidance.

From the IOM’s report Sodium Intake in Populations: Assessment of Evidence, Released in 2013