Salt question. Need smartie smarts


Let’s say I don’t want to add salt to my Soylent. If I need additional salt how many Doritos would I need to lick in substitution?


Im guessing perhaps 20ish but not actually sure of the sodium content of the flavor powder


Careful, I’ve heard that it only takes three licks to get to the center… oh, wait…


I personally believe, that for those than need the extra sodium, just get one of those ramen flavor packets and eat that… I really doubt there is any other nutrition in it.


shudders - do you not immediately imagine the texture of the resulting Dorito? And does that not make you shrivel in fear and horror?


Do you mean solid? As the texture. Of is it just corny?


Soggy. Once-solid but no more.


So the issue is what to do with all the licked chips…

Any creative DIYers here?


Couldn’t you just replace some of the masa in People Chow with them?



Wow, this thread is chock full of bright minds


I wasn’t adding salt to my Soylent as I figured I was getting plenty of salt from conventional food that I was consuming in the evenings and the occasional chips in the afternoon. But I always had a low grade headache unless I stopped using Soylent. So I broke down and added salt to my Soylent, and so far so good. I feel better, and the headache’s are less frequent. It’s only been two days so it may be too early to say this is the cure but if it is I have a theory. The theory is that without the sodium in the Soylent, it produces a sodium/potassium imbalance that isn’t good. I think the body reacts different when the sodium is balanced with the potassium as compared to sodium being consumed at different times to the consumption of Soylent.

I don’t mind the flavor change too much, it took the sweetness down a couple notches which is good.