Same day gas on 1.4


Just want to make an observation about the gas situation with the current blend, 1.4. Now with previous versions, particularly 1.0-1.1, I noticed the really horrendous gas kicked in a day or two after ingestion. When stopping those versions, it would take several days to get back to normal. I have a friend who confirmed this observation. I’ve noticed the same pattern when I eat trigger foods in my regular diet. For instance if I eat a lot of eggs, 36-48 hours later I’ll have some room clearing farts. With 1.4, I seem to get gas within about 6 hours of ingestion. They’re not the room clearing paint peeling off the walls variety, but they’re still distinctive, and worse than gas from my normal diet. I’ve taken a few days off and noticed on those days having almost no gas, so I know this stuff has a same day effect. I don’t really know what to make of this.


I had huge gas problems with v1.0 and 1.1. V1.3 was pretty good. I could almost go 100% on it. It was right on the edge of being too much though. I’ve been on v1.4 for a couple weeks and have almost no gas. I fart a couple times during the day and it is pretty tame. Basically no more than my old diet. My wife says I’ve had gas while sleeping. I haven’t been able to get “scientific” measurements from her so I’m guessing it isn’t that bad.

So, in conclusion, I’m not seeing the same thing you are.


I had nasty gas with the early versions.

When 1.3 came out, my gas went away.

Now, with 1.4, I’ve got minor-to-mediocre gas.


I had a Soylent free day today, and had basically zero gas. It confirms what I stated in my first post in this thread. 1.4 gives me gas, and I just feel “off” in my gut if I drink too much. It’s disappointing because I want to be able to drink much more but the digestive issues make that difficult. There must be one or more ingredients that my body just doesn’t like, or like others have theorized, the Soylent leaves our stomachs too quickly due to it’s liquid form so it doesn’t spend enough time in the gastric acid.


This is a very important point.

Rosa Labs made a whole bunch of changes in the name of “digestibility”, which I take to be a code word for “We were trying to solve the gas problem.” But I don’t think they really understand what caused the gas, and so their attempts to solve the problem are just as likely to hurt as to help the situation.

My experience matches smeggot’s. 1.3 completely solved the problem, 1.4 has partly brought it back.

Every day, I find myself more and more frustrated that I can no longer get 1.3, which I was quite happy with. For me 1.4 is a total dud.


Yep, I’m with you, basically. (I can’t call it a total bust, but for me it’s definitely a step or two back)

It is possible, however, that whatever caused the original gas problem is indeed gone, but it’s been replaced by another gas-causer. (IDK either way)


They really need more beta testers, preferably ones that are having gas issues. Some people seem to have iron stomachs and are barely affected by any of the versions. My former housemate is one of those.


So far for me v1.4 has been much better than v1.3 gas wise. V1.3 was livable if I took Beano with it, but it was on the edge on not being usable. It was 1000% better than v1.0-1.2 though. With v1.4 I don’t have to worry about gas or take anything like Beano to get by.

For me v1.4 is pretty good. I just tried v1.0 again and it tasted great. I had a couple bags of v1.0 and v1.1 so I’m trying to use them up.

I’m looking forward to v1.5 having the same change as v1.3 had which, hopefully, will get rid of the gas for everybody. Also, I hope the flavor gets better and the slime goes away. V1.4 is the first Soylent I could actually live on so I am very happy with it from that respect.


same. here. just suspended 1.4 although they will likely ship another month to me. 1.3 was great, no worries, but with 1.4 I can’;t say that.


Time to mak a few 1.3 bargains at ebay :wink:


Yeah, never had problems with gas on v1.3. Had my first day on 1.4 yesterday, and by the end of the day at work I was starting to rip some really bad ones. To the point that I got complaints this morning for having bad gas through the night, apparently.

I suppose personal chemistry is going to be really hard to target with one formula. Maybe the solution is to have several different formulae?


I’m not sure how hard it would be to do this, but combining aspects of the formula of 1.3 with the reduced fiber of 1.4 would seem to take some of the best features from each to address the gas. I have had to dial back my Soylent intake again because of the gas, although it still accounts for upwards of 75% of my caloric intake.


I just hope RL is still experimenting to make Soylent more bioavailable/digestible. The gas makes me think one or more of the ingredients isn’t getting digested properly. One recent interview had Rob saying they’ve basically solved the gas problem but they definitely haven’t, at least not for everyone.


I read that interview as well, and my heart sank. Problems that are “solved” don’t receive further attention.


I’m sure they will continue to test each new version before release.


Gas - mostly in the form of bloating - has been an issue for me as well. But I can’t totally make sense out of it. It is not consistent - sometimes it occurs, sometimes it doesn’t. Assuming there is no variation in the Soylent, that means that something in my intestines is the variable. I have observed that gas/bloat is more likely to occur in Soylent that has been in the fridge for a day or more. It does make me wonder about in what ways the soylent changes when it is in the refrigerator. When it is freshly made, then gas is rarely a problem. Has anyone else noticed something like this?


I got 90% less flatulence with “freshly made Soylent” as with real food.
Never tried the refrigerator-Soylent, 'cause it won’t work for my daily habits.


When I first started on 1.4 I thought the gas problem was still solved, having come off of the nearly gas-free 1.3. But after a few days on 1.4 I’m finding it as bad as 1.2.

Relieved to see others are still having the same problem, and hope RL is aware it still isn’t solved.