Sand in my Soylent?


I really like the taste of Soylent. However, I am concerned that I occasionally run across particles of what seem to be sand. I tend to sort of chew my Soylent in my mouth a bit before swallowing it, and I worry about damaging my teeth, not to mention wondering if it might damage my digestive tract. This is the second batch I’ve gotten, so I don’t think it is a fluke. And this is not just a chalky texture sort of thing; it really see like hard particles. Any ideas of what this might be?


Sounds like oat bits


I dunno, feels hard like quartz or something.


I know exactly what you mean! I have no idea what it is either. I’ll try and find some next time and put it under a microscope. I’ve wondered if it’s salt maybe but I have no idea.


@BitBucket Please let me know what you find out.


I just experienced this as well, and it was definitely not oat bits. It was just like when you get sand in a scallop - sharp crunch of sand between the teeth. I’m not too concerned about it, but it’s definitely something Soylent should be aware of. Tagging @Conor in case he hasn’t seen this thread.


After talking with the dev team, they are assuming the issue stems from the rice or oats. If you could provide us with a picture and a lot number we could investigate further. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


Here’s a lot number: C15079P02 EXP 03/2016


On 1.4 I’m still finding them, it’s so common I thought it was just part of the mixture. Some mineral or something. The thing is they’re so darn hard to capture when in my mouth. I think I may have to resort to spitting out the contents of my mouth into a coffee filter and running water over it to try and “pan” the gritty bit out and take a better look.


I’ll talk to the dev team about this.