Satiety with 1.3 vs 1.2


Is it just me or is there less satiety with 1.3 as compared with 1.2? I don’t remember what 1.1 was like.


1.1 was thinner and I don’t believe anyone felt it provided MORE satiety (though some did say that they didn’t feel more or less sated on 1.1)

I haven’t tried 1.3 yet but this is probably something that @vanclute would have a comment on if there’s something to it


I think there is less satiety, but not much.


Yeah hard to say for me. It is slightly thinner than 1.2, but nowhere near as thin as 1.1. I’d say it might be slightly less filling, but not by a problematic amount.


Some of the thicker DIY stuff would have more satiety (at least it does for me) vs. Soylent. Soylent is very smooth and pretty thin relative to Schmoylent for example. Which is both good and bad. Depends what you’re looking for.You could also try adding something to make Soylent thicker and it might do the trick?


That’s a valid point. In one bag of 1.1 I tried adding some Xanthan gum and it worked really well.


Yogurt is one more thing that can be added to make it more um satiscious?


I’m still using up my 1.1 (almost done), and 1/2 tsp. of xanthan gum per pitcher is pretty necessary for me.


As someone running 60 - 80 miles per week (always in marathon training) I think I am getting much hungrier than I was with 1.2. I end up attacking the grocery store on the way back from my weekend longer runs. I am also trying to take off a few pounds since the rule of thumb is that 1 pound equates to 2 seconds per mile of pace.

I don’t know of anything else that is different except the change from 1.2 to 1.3. Anyway, I’ll try some xanthan gum. Is 1/2 tsp per pitcher really enough?


A little goes a long way! I would start there before adding any more, and only work in small increments


I might even start with 1/4 teaspoon. Stir it into your Soylent powder before mixing the whole thing with water, to avoid clumping.


Ha I actually started with 1/2 tsp for my remaining 1/3 of a pouch last night. For today I added 1 tsp to the pitcher. I put it in a blender, so I added everything in all at once, including some ice cubes since I was going to have a glass right away. Because of my blender use I never have any clumping.

I think that it helped with hunger last night, but only time will tell.


I have 2 different answers for the same version (1.3). I found my first batch was great for satiety. My latest batch, however, doesn’t fill me up nearly as much. For whatever reason, the 2 batches didn’t look or taste quite the same, either, so I think RL must have [had?] an issue with consistency of mixtures from lot to lot.

( for more info on some experiences on that front)


Speaking strictly to the issue of satiety, I will mention that our initial few batches of Soylent were really quite filling, but over time it doesn’t seem to satisfy quite as much as it used to - including a fair amount of 1.0. Not sure if that’s just the body adjusting to it or what, but I definitely notice it. But at the same time, I do also still notice that when we go out to eat, I rarely can finish everything I order… so I suspect maybe it’s that my stomach has gotten smaller and since Soylent doesn’t stretch it much, my brain thinks I’m hungry again more quickly with Soylent roughly about the same as how I used to be with strictly conventional food. Maybe the initial satiety was due to the increased fiber content?

I dunno… but I’ve noticed in both of us that Soylent alone doesn’t satisfy as much as it once did. Still so happy to have it though and wouldn’t give it up for anything!


You’re chasing that dragon, man, you just can’t FEEL IT the way you used to. You’re going to have to start injecting Soylent between your toes now.


Well I can tell you that I have experienced Soylent withdrawal… it’s not pretty… :smiley:


Well, on my last pitcher I added a tablespoon and a half of xanthan gum, and still don’t notice much difference. I think the viscosity may have changed from that of water to that of milk. Certainly not much of a difference.

I may continue with some Soylent now and again just for nutrition completeness, but it seems I have to realize that I can’t live on this stuff alone.


Yeah I don’t think that realization is much different from realizing one can’t live on any one thing alone. Even though nutritionally speaking one may be able to live on Soylent alone, we humans enjoy variety in most things. I’m not sure there’s more than a couple people who are truly 100% Soylent for more than a couple months at this point.


Try reducing the amount of water that you add by a little bit.@RVDowning.


I was actually doing the opposite, adding as much water as the blender would hold, thinking that the additional water volume would aid satiety.