Saturo (RTD in Europe)

So in the beginning of july I came across a new Soylent alternative here in Europe that is ready to drink, I decided to give it a go while I wait for the official Soylent to become available…

Saturo is the name, with 3 varients: chocolate, plain and coffee. (I went with chocolate)
Having tried a few of the other options such as Joylent/Jimmy Joy, Queal and MANA (plus some of the earlier versions of official Soylent 1.0, 1.3, 1.4 or was it 1.5?) I will say that this has been my favorite so far. I really like the rich chocolate taste and I feel just fine after almost a month of it being 50-75% of my calories.

In my past experiences with some of the other alternatives, I often didn’t feel so well after some time.

It seems they are following a higher fat and protein ratio and lower carbs compared to the recommended and 500 calories contain 5 mcg vitamin D (100%). This personally pleases me a lot since I have a severe vitamin D deficiency.

Currently the price is 3.15€ per 500 calorie for the chocolate flavor (without -10% off for subscription) but I am worried it might rise to 3.95€ As the site has that price crossed over for now.

I look forward to comparing it to Soylent 2.0 once they begin shipping to Europe (without an expensive reshipper) and figuring out which one I will stick with after that.

Their site is at for other Europeans wanting to try it


Just so you’re aware, the 5mcg of vitamin D per bottle is 100% by EU standards, but only 25% by the new US DVs. Consuming four bottles of that for 20mcg a day would also still bring you below the most recent study, which suggested (iirc) either 24 or 26mcg (can’t remember which) to avoid deficiency.

So I’d recommend you still take a supplement. I aim for 75mcg as even the new recommendations aim for a sub-par 25(OH)D blood level.

I am glad you mentioned this, currently I am getting about 10-15 mcg from the Saturo, plus 45 mcg from supplements due to my deficiency until my blood levels are within the normal range.

I’m sold on Saturo too, it’s a great taste and in a bigger 500 calorie, 500ml bottle which certainly fills you up. Like you, I’m nervous of the price going up. I’m hoping that with all the publicity they have gained, they’ll keep the price as it is.

I got a mail from them saying there is a 30% discount the next few days. Which is probably just mentioning the price it is at currently… I set up my subscription for 60 bottlles 3 days ago, so hopefully my next shipment will also be that price. (I think it is too expensive otherwise and I would probably not order more until they add some discount for large orders then if they do raise the price)