Saving a batch made with corn flour (instead of masa)


I’m totally new to Soylent. I live in Japan, and I couldn’t buy it prepared, so I decided to make it on my own with the “liberation chow” recipe (I’m vegan).
Problem is that I bought corn flour instead of masa harina, believing it was the same thing, and I prepared a whole week’s batch. I tried the thing but it’s just terrible and makes my stomach hurt. I’m afraid it’s the corn’s fault.
I hate throwing food away. Is there any way I can save this batch (e.g., by cooking it)? I don’t need this batch to be 100% complete (considering the fact cooking may destroy some nutrients). I just need it not to be unhealthy. In concrete:

-Will boiling the mix make corn flour eatable?
-Is it ok to boil potassium chloride, choline bitartrate, MSM Sulful Powder and soy protein isolate? (does it become something dangerous?)

Sorry for taking your time! Please help me save this batch!


How much are you eating before it starts to bother your stomach? How many days have you been drinking Liberation chow?

Also, looking at the recipe it really doesn’t need the MSM sulfur powder. The soy protein should supply plenty of sulfur.


Cooking would be worth a try. I don’t see anything that would necessarily explode if you did that. :wink:


Thank you for your reply!
So you suggest just removing MSM sulfur powder altogether? Should I add something instead?

I only drank it once yesterday night, and it made my stomach roar quite a lot like a few moments after I drank it. Now I woke up and my belly is still roaring, and feels a bit weird (maybe it’s just gas).


I’ll try that today!


Yes. Decent protein should have all the sulfur you need.