Savory bar option?

The biggest thing for me is I would like an additional savory but not sweet option. Sometimes we want to snack on something other than candy, or Doritos wouldn’t be a thing :slight_smile:

Personally it’s too sweet for my taste. Other people I’ve had try it say it doesn’t taste sweet at all so it’s probably just me, but it’s really hard for me to eat it consistently with how sweet it is. I like the texture and the form factor, I’d just really prefer a savory flavor almost like the Oriental Rice Crackers here:

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Anyone that says they aren’t sweet must be used to downing Big Gulps of Mountain Dew every day or something.

I’d be so down with that (if they dont’ make me and others sick).

Food Bars, the few I’ve had have been far too sweet for my taste.

Agree! I find both 2.0 and the bars a bit too sweet. I tend to like sweet, so I find this helpful as it curbs my craving for sweets and dessert. However, sometimes I just want a savory taste. When this happens, I’ll snack on a small handful of peanuts or other salty item in addition to my Soylent, but I’d love it if Soylent helped curb my savory cravings instead. I think this would also help me avoid the temptation of going out to lunch once or twice a week in search of a sandwich.

I each kimchi for salt, savory, spice, beneficial bacteria, and crunch. it’s a good, low-calorie, complement to a high-soylent diet.

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