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EatComplete is a new website I’d love to get your thoughts on. Independent, unbiased and without agenda; we’re a news and review website helping you compare and share info on nutritionally complete future foods.

The full skinny…

Long time lurker here hoping to give something back to the community with a little website I’ve been working on called EatComplete.

I’m in Europe and have tried a lot of soylent like products, and I felt like a centralised website was really missing from the scene. Not just for the core information (as the ever awesome blendrunner presents) but for news and reviews and all the extra’s that you don’t usually see until you click through to a vendors website.

EatComplete not only centralises the core information about all of the various 'lents (macros/daily cost/ingredients/allergens/shipping details/serving info/etc/etc), but presents reviews and experiences from people that have tried them. It’s pretty comprehensive and at today’s count there are 97 powders, 8 ready to eat and 9 ready to drink products on the site.

I’ve a few features still to work on but right now I think it’s about time to show you all and see what you think, for an example product page check out Soylent Drink here.

The search page has got filters to help you drill down to find distro’s. Our news section has original content along with pulling in the latest posts from every brands blog and our Wiki, in time, will hopefully end up filled with info that’s genuinely useful to new users and old alike.

Somewhat nervous asking this, but what do you think?

Of course; the core usefulness of the site comes from user reviews and experiences. It’d be amazing if you’d care to leave a review on the products you’ve tried :slight_smile:


Took a quick glance, in a hurry. Looks great AND useful.

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It looks great, but I just don’t care enough to look beyond this site. If i hear about products that beat RF in price, quality, and – innovative leadership –
I will definitely be interested, but I guess I will have to hear about them here.


That’s a fair point, I’m hoping we can gather a few reviews and then it’ll be more useful for people that are actively switching around between blends or completely new to 'lents.

What’d convince you to leave a review? :wink:

this looks very useful, I knew there were many ‘complete’ foods out there it a great idea to have reviews under one roof


Thanks, got all the info in there (I think), my only challenge now is getting people to leave reviews. Any tips on how to encourage that(?) would be very welcome :wink:

Updated the site, we’re up to 64 brands with 9 Ready to Eat, 107 Powders, 9 Ready to Drink.

New in…

Feasy, Shake2Day, Mahlzeit, Next Level Meal, Puriton, GlycoGenesis, Bivo, Meals 3.0, Ruffood.


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Added Your PopUp Meal, another European RTD

Quite proud of this, we now have user profiles!

Took a while to get right but I’m happy with where we’re at. Here’s mine:

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One big thing I have been having trouble narrowing down, and admittedly, this is a somewhat narrow use case, but I am looking for MR’s that aren’t low enough carbs for Keto, but are low enough for her Diabetes. Having some sort of search for a range of grams of carbs would be mighty helpful, and maybe for other stats for other people/conditions as well.

Thanks. Great site.


Not that rare a use case, I know plenty of people that limit carbs but don’t go full keto.

I’ve been working on filters on the search page but I haven’t been able to figure out a really helpful way to display items without needing extra clicks.

The data tables though, I quite like for this kind of thing. Just built this for you…

Is that the kind of thing you were looking for?

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That is a bleepin’ awesome table! But is there a link to it anywhere on the front page? I don’t see one… oh wait, it’s a single drop-down menu item under “Compare Costs”. Now, where did the almost as awesome cost-comparison table go? Oh, click “Compare Costs” itself… suggest you make the link “Compare…” and put both tables in the drop-down?

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Give the page a refresh :wink:

What a great idea! I’ve been wanting a “people food” for a long time (like dog food, but, you know… for people!). I didn’t realize there was more that just Soylent. Cool!

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OMG so many! Unfortunately, the majority are based in Europe. But go to the search tab and click the Advanced Search button.