SCD Soylent for Celiac's, Chron's, IBD, UC, etc


I have Celiac’s disease and switching to a gluten free diet wasn’t enough. Apparently it’s not that uncommon for people with a bowel disease (like celiac’s, chron’s, etc) and/or chronic diarrhea to be sensitive to lots of different foods. It’s called leaky gut syndrome. I’ve been struggling to gain weight and Soylent seems like a good way to make sure I’m getting enough calories. I switched to a simple (but in no way easy) diet called the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Basically, you avoid all kinds of sugar, starch, and grains. A small amount of honey is allowed (<1tbsp/day), but the grains and starch rules are very strict. Absolutely no corn, potatoes, quinoa, etc… Whey and soy are also not allowed. There is a long (but partial) list of allowed foods on the website.

I’m going to start with the Amazon-sourced Soylent recipe since I have Amazon Prime. The first thing I need to replace is the whey protein powder. I might try egg white protein powder, has anyone used it before?

Edit: Here’s my version of the spreadsheet. It’s currently a work-in-progress. Lots of supplements have added starch so I’ll probably need to find some alternatives.


I also have Celiac’s, and I’m loving soylent. However, I’m using whey and maltodextrin, so YMMV.


I’ve blood tested positive for Celiac twice in the last 6 months and am also loving life on Soylent. I use maltodextrin, oat powder, whey and grapeseed oil. I’ve tried a GF diet prior to the positive blood tests and felt it was an improvement, but I’d fall off the diet regularly, usually around the holidays.

It’s been about a month, my depression and general laziness have changed remarkably. I detailed it in a different post.

I have so much more energy, I assume that my absorption was severely hindered. My diet was mostly vegetables and fresh meat - I felt better, but not nearly this good. I assume it’s just quickly accessible carbs.


Good morning Lester… I want to let you know that you’re not alone in the world of depression that is because of food you’ve ate. My brother had been diagnosed as bipolar/ADHD. I realized one day that he was having an allergic reaction to food. Please look up “Brain allergies”.

I found out that there are Functional medical doctors… They figure out which system in our body is not functioning correctly and try to get it working… Not just give you a pill. My brother had the regular allergy testing igE… Said he was negative… Then I had IgG testing. 184 foods tested against his blood to see if antibodies would be built against the blood…
He is barley, oats, rye, casien, dill beet sugar, and a few other intolerant… With the removal of the foods… He is not bipolar or ADHD… Incredible.

I used to think he was manic because of coffee and sugar… Nope.
And. His depression and anger all from the food he is intolerant of…

I got his blood tested at 184 allergy test… Worth every dollar…

You may be denying yourself food that you can have and eating or drinking food that you shouldn’t.

My brother also had the celiac blood that came up negative…

This is the site that opened up a new world for our family has great information about how leaky gut works and food intolerance.

If you want anymore information, please email me.

I just helped a mother who’s 4 year old was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Two days after getting the 184 allergy test results and she removed the food and milk from his diet he was doing good. It has now been almost one month… He does not have arthritis and is getting ready to go to pre school.

Good luck to you. Tere


Me again… I see that you’re using oats… They have gluten too.


Oats do not have gluten, but they are often processed in facilities that also process other foods that have gluten so there is cross contamination. You can get certified gluten free oats - that being said though, anyone dealing with leaky gut issues should really look for an alternative to oats all together or mix them with another grain high in phytase - not because of gluten issues but because of the high amounts of phytic acid contained in oats (and their low amount of natural phytase). For healthy people, the inhibition of certain minerals/vitamins may be negligible, but for anyone with gut damage, we already have absorption issues so we need every bit of nutrition that we ingest.


Thank you for your information. My brother is oat, rye, and barley intolerant… Where I am wheat, gluten, and hops… We’re lucky that we can digest corn… :). I wish the world new how damaging grains are to us…
I am looking so forward to Soylent. Tere