Schmilk... cheaper AND tastier than People Chow?

Four months ago, I contemplated designing a DIY soylent recipe where you add milk instead of oil and water, both for simplicity and to cut costs (milk is cheap, high-quality fat and protein!).

Now, I’ve done it.

It’s called Schmilk. You can see the recipe here, read the backstory here, and order some premade from me here.

It’s as cheap or cheaper than the classic People Chow recipe (outdated ingredient prices notwithstanding), and most significantly, it tastes way better and is way smoother in texture. Seriously, try it.

I want to know what you think. If you can drink milk, this might be even better than Schmoylent. I’ll be curious to see what happens. :wink:



I love the idea! I’ll have to tweak the recipe to fit the ingredients I already have, but good to know there’s already a recipe to start from.

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Cool! :slight_smile: Yeah, there’s an even simpler recipe (but not 100% complete) called Practice Fuel that you can also compare it with:

Your milk isn’t showing much Vitamin D. Are you sure that’s correct?

A lot of milk is fortified with extra vitamin D, but I used the unfortified nutrition data, to make sure that the multivitamin provides enough, even if people use unfortified milk.

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Its a good idea. Definitely innovative. ‘Schmilk’ interesting!! :smile:

It was interesting reading about it.but…as i was going through the nutrition label…i saw the amount of manganese :frowning:

Yeah, the manganese comes with the territory - oat-based recipes and all. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nicely done.

Since lowering my environmental impact is one of my criteria, a milk-based recipe isn’t my own ideal (ah, but I can’t quite give up cheese yet so I’m far from perfect), but this is simple, cheap, and I bet it tastes good.

Thanks @asympt. Yeah, environmental impact is a great goal, and one thing I like about this is that you can choose whatever kind of milk you want - whether organic, local, pasture-raised, hand-squeezed, or cheap, ultra-pasteurized, factory-farmed. :stuck_out_tongue:

And it does taste good! I’ve heard some say it’s even better than Schmoylent… :wink:

Animal proteins will always be more environmentally costly than plant proteins (and cow proteins, more than other animal proteins). But, like I said, I’m no angel, I haven’t eliminated cheese from my diet!

Sad that such a good recipe is ruined by that one thing.

Hmmm tempted to try it, I confess I never did try the Schmoylent I ordered from you previously. For some reason I just couldn’t bring myself to. Still have it unopened. :frowning:

We’re definitely milk drinkers and with the recent quite poor response to Soylent 1.4 in this household… Schmilk is an intriguing alternative. A bit pricey to get one bag to try though at $15 and then also adding milk. Still so tempting. Hmmmmm…

Needs whole milk of course too which we don’t normally drink. Still…

What’s the difference between “plain” and “original” flavor?

Maybe I shouldn’t ponder things like this at 1:30am.

I dont get it. Based on one of your previous comments too i feel tempted to ask…You dont want to consume 1.4 because she doesnt want to? Or she doesnt want you to consume it because she cannot? Or you both dont like it?

How about a coupon code for $10 off? :wink:


That leaves you with $5 for the bag - less than the cost of shipping. :stuck_out_tongue: Enjoy!

Just like Schmoylent, and Ax Fuel, and all other oat-based recipes. :wink:

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They dont have this much manganese do they? Also i didnt mean to offend you. Its a nice concept…thats my only gripe with it thats all. You know my beef with manganese :smile:

Heh, no hard feelings @Tark. :wink: They do all have about 10mg of manganese though - that’s what happens when you have oat flour as the main carb source.

If you shipped to Canada, I’d really consider ordering some. :frowning:

Woah this is news to me. I didnt know that.

She can’t tolerate 1.4 at all. I found that I could get used to it, but I don’t really like it. But if she can’t handle it… then we’re going to have a major problem so I need to look into a solution that will work for both of us. She doesn’t have any problem at all with me having 1.4 but if she can’t as well, then things are gonna get ugly. We just can’t go back to a non-Soylent existence at this point, it would be hell.

Oh man - DEAL! Will be ordering a bag to try today. Thank you!!!


Oh I forgot to reiterate, what’s the difference between “plain” and “original” flavor?