Schmoylent (the original Soylent knockoff!) will be discontinued February 1st

Hi again, @axcho here! :slight_smile: After getting some insightful responses and feedback about my company Super Body Fuel in this thread, I’ve gotten the clarity to make a big decision: discontinuing Schmoylent. Here’s why:

We’re tired of being the Soylent knockoff.

That made sense back when you had to wait for months for your Soylent, but now you can get it right away.

At Super Body Fuel, we’ve honed an inclusive but minimal selection of product lines to cater to all needs, from cheap and tasty Schmilk, to dairy-free ketogenic Keto Fuel. But we still sell Schmoylent, simply because there are people who have been using it for a long time now, and they want to keep using it because it works for them and they like the taste.

It’s time to make a change.

Coming from a Paleo dietary background, Richard and myself at Super Body Fuel like to encourage lower-carb eating habits versus the more conventionally high-carb Soylent 1.x and Schmoylent. It’s been gratifying see Soylent’s carb content gradually come further and further down, until with Soylent 2.0 the carbs measure at just 33% of total calories - close to the carb count of our low-carb Light Fuel blend!

But we’ve kept Schmoylent at the 50/20/30 carb/protein/fat ratio that Soylent 1.0 introduced. And that no longer makes sense. If you want high-carb, Schmilk is a much better choice than Schmoylent - it’s cheaper, tastier, and if you can’t drink dairy milk than you can use soy milk instead. There’s no reason to have two high-carb products when one is clearly better in multiple ways.

And if you want Schmoylent because of the taste and you’d rather use oil and water instead of milk because of an issue with dairy and soy, we have a new solution for you:

A new Light Fuel, redesigned to have a higher protein content, along with the oat-based taste of Schmoylent, while still fulfilling its low-carb function. It’s basically a merging of Schmoylent and Light Fuel. You could call it Schmoylent if you want, but we’re going to call it Light Fuel. Coming to a Super Body Fuel near you on February 1st. :wink:

All our Light Fuel customers are enthusiastically on board with the upgrade, and our Schmoylent customers will be switching to the new Light Fuel, the high-protein Athlete Fuel, or the conventional Schmilk, depending on their needs.

So what does this mean for you?

It means that if you want to try the old Schmoylent, you’ll want order it now before it’s gone forever:

But also, it means that we’re putting the old Light Fuel on sale (20% off!) until it’s all gone, hopefully before the end of this month. So get it while it’s hot - on sale at $40/pack, $8/day, plus shipping. Moderately-low-carb, gluten-free, dairy-free, almost-vegan* Light Fuel, right here:

So, what do you think? Are we finally getting with the times and getting in touch with our values as a company, or making a grave mistake? Let us know. :wink:

*There’s some gelatin in the Kirkland Signature multivitamins. Thanks Costco. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a momentous decision. I will miss Schmoylent as a name. Good luck.

You of course were doing something like “drafting,” which I think is what it is called when one speed skater skates close behind another, and the vacuum left by the first skater helps pull the second one along.

You were benefitting from Soylent’s publicity. Now you won’t benefit as much.

I don’t know if it will help you or hurt you. My primary loyalty is to Soylent proper, but I will consider you when I am seeking similar alternatives.


Thanks @geneven. Ever since Rosa Labs caught up with their backlog last April, we’ve had less and less benefit from the name Schmoylent and the association with Soylent. People just aren’t looking for direct imitations anymore.

Now products like Schmilk and Keto Fuel sell a lot better than Schmoylent. Focusing on establishing our own brand makes a lot more sense at this point.

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As a Schmoylent pioneer (back in the days before I could get Soylent), I have to say kudos for creating and supporting this product. But also for your chosen path going forward… Schmoylent was a great benefit for me in late 2014 and even more so when I increased the oil (fat) concentration. I wish you continued success with Schmilk and Light Fuel!


Hi @axcho was just having a look at your recipes at what I could order and it looks like all of them have inulin in them? I have fructose malabsorbtion and inulin is a fructan so I’m guessing I might not tolerate any of them well. Do you know how your recipes work for someone who can’t tolerate FODMAPs? I guess if the quantity was low it might not have a huge impact?

Hi @Dave, all of the recipes have inulin, which could be a problem if you have fructose malabsorption (though in a perfect world you wouldn’t be absorbing the fructose in inulin anyway, as they are linked in chains as a non-digestible fiber). However, the milk-based recipes Schmilk and Athlete Fuel have only 1g of inulin per day, mostly just to improve the texture, so they might be worth trying.

The vanilla recipes have a small amount of sucrose (~2g) as well (the carrier medium for the vanilla bean extract) so you’ll want to stick with the other flavors, I’d imagine.

Let me know what you think! :slight_smile:

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Hopefully at 1g per day it wouldn’t cause much issue… How much is in light fuel as I was looking at that as well?

2g sucrose should be fine - I can have sucrose it just becomes an issue if I have a lot of it. I am not sure how I react to inulin - I just know onions and garlic are the worst for me and I believe they have inulin in them? But I am not sure if the fructans in them comes from the inulin or something else, I just know I can’t eat them.

@Dave Light Fuel has 8g of inulin, I believe - it’s a fair amount. Onions and garlic do have inulin - though there could be other things that you’re reacting to.

Let me know if you want to try a small sample of any of these recipes to start with. We could even send you a few grams of pure inulin to try as well if you want. :wink:

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That takes me back to the days when you were trying pure vanillin :slight_smile: I am definitely crazy enough to try something to see what it does to me. Eating powder sent via a stranger - what could possible go wrong :smiley: I’ll send you an email and we can work something out.

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@Dave Sounds good. For science! :smiley: