Scoop/Release Notes Discrepancy


@Soylent Under the heading “Preparing a single meal” in the Soylent 1.1 Release Notes, the user is essentially instructed to combine 1 scoop of Soylent with 2 scoops of water in order to prepare a single meal (the instructions also say “Multiply as desired” but the above combination is presented as the default). The Soylent scoop, however, is labeled as “1/2 meal.” This seems both inconsistent and unnecessarily confusing. I would suggest modifying the Release Notes to indicate that the default for a single meal is 2 scoops of Soylent, 4 scoops of water, and 3 tsp of oil blend (I’m assuming this is correct).



Soylent is still very new. It is easier to change release notes than scoop print though, so it probably will stay same, with manual modified.


The “1 scoop Soylent / 1 scoop water” imprint on the bottom of the scoop is also confusing.

Scaling down linearly from the full bag instructions:

3 meals: 1600 ml (6 3/4 cups) water, 447 g Soylent (6 scoops), 60 ml oil (4 tbsp)
1 meal: 530 ml (2 1/4 cups) water, 150 g Soylent (2 scoops), 20 ml oil (4 tsp, or 1 tbsp + 1 tsp)
0.5 meal: 270 ml (1 1/4 cups) water, 75 g Soylent (1 scoop), 10 ml oil (2 tsp)

The measuring scoop’s nominal capacity (I haven’t measured) is 135 ml, so “one scoop Soylent, two scoops water, 2 teaspoons oil” is the right recipe for a half-meal.

I weighed a couple of my scoops and found that they were coming out more like 80-85 g, so “1 scoop” is probably closer to “1 scant scoop”.

How much is one serving of Soylent?

They had the scoops made before the Soylent formula was finalized. The correct ratio is 2 scoops water+1 scoop Soylent=1/2 meal.
Want 1 meal? 4 scoops water and 2 scoops powder.


The math of tdsmith looks correct, so a half-meal needs 2 teaspoons oil. That’s 1/6 of a bottle.

But the Soylent 1.1 Release Notes (Rev. 09/2014) call for “1.5 tsp oil blend” with a single scoop half-meal.

Isn’t this a blunder in the instruction booklet?


Yea this is definitely confusing and should be fixed. A pouch has 3 servings, each of which are 1/3rd of what we need for daily nutrition (33% etc).
But according to one line in the booklet, one pitcher can last two days. It would if only half of our daily calories were coming from soylent.

And the scoop has “1/2 meal” written on it. But the booklet says we need 1 scoop for a single meal.

Here’s my suggestions/edits with additions from other people above:

  • The scoop can still say “1/2 meal”
  • Page 7. Single meal: “2 scoops + 4 scoops water + 3 tsp oil”
  • Also put a short guide for making a single meal on the bag itself


Keep in mind I haven’t seen the bottle but isn’t it 2 fl. oz.? If so then a single serving is 4 tsp.


I have the bottles, and this is correct. One serving is 4 tsps