Scoop size title size stupid

When did the US become full metric!?!? I lost my scoop, I want to make a single serving. Is the scoop a 1/4 cup, half a cup, some where in between?

USA have not gone for full meteric yet. :frowning:

I believe the scoop is 2/3 of a cup.

Measuring a powder by volume is inexact, but the new scoop is about half a cup. AFAIK the old scoop (1.0-1.3) was 135 ml (0.57 cups) and the new scoop (1.4) is 115 ml (0.49 cups).


The 112 ml scoop I received is almost exactly 1/2 cup.

I should point out that I received my scoop several months before 1.4 was released, when I think the scoop was changed to a smaller size.

It looks like 115 ml is very close to 0.5 cups:

I think the metric thing is dumb but it fits with the brand’s utopian schtick. Maybe Rob (the guy who invented Soylent and who recently tied it in to his dream of everyone using DC power) is doing this intentionally to evoke the Soylent Green dystopia.

Just out of curiosity – are the scoops shipping with new 1.5 orders 115 mL? The metal scoop I got with my initial order of 1.4 is definitely 112 mL (it’s etched on the handle: “112 mL = 1/2 serving”)

Spango, I had to laugh at this for a number of reasons, one, I have a box of Soylent green crackers made with the best ingredients on earth, people! Second, I work in a hospital where they use a confusing mix of US standards and metric, I constantly have to use my Iphone conversion app to cross reference!!

#sigh As an American, this is the kind of attitude that makes me very worried about the future of our country.

Also, more on topic, I wish they’d have some kind of notification for the updated size, I have the pre-order scoop, which must be way the heck off.

It’s not dumb because it’s metric. It’s dumb because it uses a system of measurement that is not standard in the USA. It’s also dumb in a different sense because it makes the product harder to use and alienates a huge customer base (i.e., those who don’t view themselves as a superior type as shown by their preferences for the metric system and powdered food).

USA is dumb for not using metric. It would vastly simplify things like not have space shuttles blowing up due to mix ups.

Seriously, only 3 countries in the world don’t use it. And Burma is starting to switch.


I disagree; every child in the US is taught both Imperial and Metric units by the time they’re in the second grade. I convert between miles and meters and ounces and liters just as easily as I do US dollars to Euros. Given that, I can neither agree that the US is “dumb” nor that the US doesn’t use the metric system.

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I wasn’t taught metric. Then again, i havn’t been in school for a while do maybe that’s changing.

And yes, it is dumb to not switch. It only hurts things to have multiple systems of measurement.

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But multiplying/dividing by factors of 10 is soooo much easier! Imperial uses weird strange numbers that are a pain to scale. Have some sympathy for those of us who suck at basic math :frowning: (A note to today’s kids: it may be true that your elementary school grades don’t matter for your future at all whatsoever, but if you don’t do your math homework you will always be slow and terrible at basic math…being great at calculus later on won’t replace the need for the basics! You can skip all the other homework, though)

Seeing that Soylent has expanded into Canada, and has its sights set on the EU next, it would be stupid to not use metric.