Scratchy throat feel


1.5 seems to have more grittiness causing kind of a scratchy feeling in my throat. I need to drink tea or cold water after Spylent to clear it up. If I try to speak directly after drinking 1.5 I have some difficulty. I didn’t experience this with 1.4. The taste is fine.

I’ll try watering it down more and see if that helps.

I use Soylent at work and am talking with customers all day.


I noticed a bit of grittiness to it, but it didn’t give me a scratchy throat feel. Actually, it kind of coats my throat with a creaminess the way milk does, causing a phlegm response. So I spit up a lot of phlegm after drinking it. Same thing happens with milk for me. Not sure if it has anything to do with my tonsil ulcers.