Screen shot from continuum pilot - SOYMEAL


I was just sitting watching the pilot of Continuum on DVD, and saw something flash by and thought - what ? was that ?
so i backed it up and hit pause, took a screen shot. what does this remind you of?

the show first aired 21Feb 2013 ( one year ago), so i guess the screen play would have been written long before that, and it would have been shot at least 6 months before air date? kind of creepy case of art imitating life. (or clever product placement by @rob)


When I first mentioned Soylent to my Doctor, she thought I was talking about soy as a protein replacement :slight_smile: as I’d switched to mostly pescetarian a year ago.

It’s funny how some people know what Soylent is and some don’t. I just dug up the DVD and loaned to a friend at work :wink: Can’t wait until she comes to work and says “You’re eating WHAT?” heh.

== John ==


Whoops - forgot to mention, that’s very cool :slight_smile: wouldn’t surprise me if someone in the art department was a member of the Kickstarter and slipped that in!

== John ==


Soylent wasn’t even the first soylent, much less the originator of futuristic settings have soy named food products


Yes I know
I was referring to the packaging
That scene from the show is set 65 years in the future
Everything else is futuristic and advanced, yet they choose to put SOYMEAL in a package from this era


I came here to point this out cause I started rewatching this great sci-fi series.


I just have to say THANK YOU for turning me on to this show. I had never heard of it before so I went and downloaded all 3 seasons and started binge watching. I like well done and smart Scifi and the first two seasons were fairly decent but had their ho-hum moments. But then season 2 closed and season 3 opened and… WTF??? mind blown. I may have to re-watch the start of season 3 again just to make sure I’m really following the timelines. LOL

So again, thanks!!