Second Batch, Third Batch and Availability


Ever since I’ve heard of it, I’ve loved the idea of Soylent. When the crowdfunding campaign started, I really wanted very much to contribute, but I couldn’t. I’m on a limited budget, and even the $65 contribution level was too much to take out of my May budget for food I wouldn’t get until August. I know it takes time to set up a company like this and get everything right, so even though the delay was disappointing, it was understandable. At the time, it was said that once contributors got the first batch in August, Soylent would be available for purchasing on an ongoing basis, so I’ve sat tight, looking forward to when that happens.

But now I notice the campaign page says, “Second batch ships in the Fall. First come, first served.” So the second batch at the earliest will be available in September by the sounds of that–but if they really meant September, I assume they would’ve said September. It may not be available until October or November, for purchases made now. Even worse, “first come, first served” raises the possibility that, if many people have already ordered from the second batch, orders placed now may not be fulfilled until the third batch, whenever that is.

I know there are many challenges to setting up a reliable manufacturing process, but how long can we expect to have lag times of multiple months between payment and delivery? I wish you guys the best, and I hope to be able to buy Soylent someday, but I’ll only be able to afford it when I can get it delivered in less than a month.


This doesn’t answer your question, but Soylent will be cheaper than it currently is, once the company is fully set up (campaign cost also involves a donation to the company for setup costs).


The cost reduction is going to be minor. The indication we’ve been given is to expect a cost reduction in the 10-20% range, which seems reasonable given the cost of the ingredients.

I wonder whether the women’s formula will be cheaper. Given that they will be getting substantially fewer calories, that would be reasonable.