Secret! Purports to be from "Soylent"


I got this message today:

Hello human.

Your interest in Soylent has not gone unnoticed. I would like to invite you to see something I’ve been working on.



Head of Secret Projects at Soylent

I didn’t see a link I could respond to.

Trying new flavors - samples

I just got the same message a few minutes ago too. If it is official, they need to be a little more obvious; the way it is worded smells fishy.


I’d be extremely wary until official word is given. Visiting a .onion can be risky. It’ll be good to get confirmation either way.


Tagging @Conor for visibility


Given how @Conor is liking posts in this thread it’s a pretty easy bet this is legit.

Someone please send me the ‘nutritional totem’.

Reddit discussion here.


I need a ‘nutritional totem’ as well, its the one “decoration” my desk at work is missing


Some screenshots for those who do not want to install Tor:









I wonder if Conor’s message yesterday about bringing back Bitcoin payments was a forshadowing of things to come?


This link works without Tor:


The “Pure Meat Flavor Soylent Beef Flavor Kit” has just got to be packets of beef bouillon powder, right? :laughing:


I’d totally buy that pin. So cute!


I want the pin set too


Well, I did it. I downloaded the Tor browser, set up a Bitcoin wallet, bought Bitcoins, and exchanged my Bitcoins for 1x mystery flavor prototype and 1x beef flavor Soylent. How exciting, especially since I had just recently included savory Soylent in my future development wishlist! (Not too keen on the fact that the beef is apparently in powder format, but it’s still a promising development to say the least.) If the mystery flavor turns out to be banana or cake batter – or even strawberry or vanilla – then I’ll really be in luck!


It’s 100% a scam!:laughing:


No shipping to Canada? Blerg.

  1. It seems to be legit given the evidence. The email came from Soylent, the order confirmations come directly from Soylent, the payment processor is which is a legit processor, Conor mentioning Bitcoin payments the day before this coming out, and Conor clicking “like” on a bunch of posts in this thread.

  2. Very, very, very few things are ever 100% or 0%. Certainly not this.


Received a McAfee warning when I clicked the link. I didn’t take it any further…


I know what next month is :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re saying it’ll take your money and the endpoint is the right manufacture/company? Hrrmm


That is just because it was a .onion site, which are normally used for anomity.


Meat Soylent does not sound appealing. It would be like having a bowl of cereal with warm pork chop bits sprinkled on top. Some flavors are best kept separate.