Secret! Purports to be from "Soylent"


It seems pretty legit as far as I can see. Some antiviruses may raise a red flag due to the .onion component, but that’s configurable in your settings.

I’m not very pleased with the Pure Meat Flavor trial run. It defeats the whole idea behind Soylent, in my opinion. I hope it does not become a recurring pursuit…


I purchased the “Mystery” flavor and the pins.

I thought it was a fun enough setup, to spend the $10 and see what happens.


Maybe, I would hope, they rebalanced the underlying flavor “base” as well; maybe leaning it toward a bread-like taste so it ends up being like a sandwich.


I’m not quite sure how a trial run of a meat flavor “defeats the whole idea” any more than the 3 fully produced flavors already have.


The meat flavor is a packet you have to add in yourself. The flavored 2.0 comes from the factory that way. Some people see having to do anything besides adding water as too much effort.


I suppose I kind of understand that, but people have been pushing around the idea of flavor packets designed for Soylent at least since I first came here around 1.3; and since they’re optional, it still doesn’t violate the “only need the Soylent” goal.


Good. Because I don’t.

One of the key points of Soylent is that you don’t have to do anything except add water. And I’m sure some people consider that too much effort, hence 2.0. It’s just supposed to be complete without any extra effort. So literally any effort is an infinite increase in effort.

Don’t confuse a select few asking for flavor packs as any sort of mass demand for them. For people like you and me it’s no big deal and actually wanted. But I can assure you that there will be lots of complaints about having to add the packets if they ever get released to the public.


As I said at the time, adding oil to 1.3 doesn’t seem that different from adding sugar and cream to coffee, and that doesn’t seem to bother many people. I sometimes buy salad from WalMart and add salad dressing. I never hear people talking about the infinite increase of effort.


At the time that’s just the way it was so no one complained about the oil. But we have since moved to not needing separate oil bottles and the amount of effort has decreased. I vividly remember one of the earlier versions was thinner than the previous one and people complained vehemently about the increase in effort of adding xanthan gum. Going from no effort to any effort is an infinite increase in effort.

Even now we see one person starting to complain that the flavor packet is more effort.

Sorry for singling you out @SonjlentHub. Nothing personal.


Aw man, I totally want the prototype and the flavor array x3 But Bitcoin is way to scary :X Wish they supported paypal~


Bitcoin is extremely reliable so long as you buy them from a reputable site (eg localbitcoin) and then use them on another reputable site (such as, I assume, the Soylent one). When you buy coins, your money should go into escrow, and not be released to the vendor until you confirm you’ve received the coins. You then transfer them to a wallet (which takes a while but is perfectly safe), and then to the soylent website (or even direct from the site you purchased to the Soylent one). It’s a slightly long-winded but perfectly safe process.



Welcome to our AI soylentlord !


More links basically saying the same thing:


I guess that solves what that washing-machine looking picture was on the .onion dark web site. That is Trish!


Yeah, this was on reddit earlier


Very interested to hear how it works out. I don’t really want to install Tor, but I do love me some exclusive goods.


The link @kennufs gave above works without the need to install Tor. (just in a regular browser)


I would love to have tried that mystery flavor, but I was too late. Got the beef thing for posterity(even though I hate beef) and the sample pack for the experience. Oh well, cool experience and hope to hear more from this in the future.


Also is this at all related to the beta, or just a promotion.