Secret! Purports to be from "Soylent"


I’m sad to have missed out on the mystery flavour. Looks like I only just missed it, while I was trying to register and get verified to buy bitcoin. “Get verified in a few minutes”, the site said. Then afterwards told me it could take several hours. By that point it was sold out. :’( Where do you folks buy Bitcoin, when anonymity isn’t a major requirement?


Oh god-dammit why did they both emailing us then. Oh well, thanx for mentioning. Saved me at least an hour of trying to figure out which one I want to buy.


I am usually just going for the lowest fee and not necessarily speed, so I don’t mind if it takes a few days for a bank transfer. (I keep a reserve of Bitcoin in a wallet at all times for purchases.) I used to use Coinbase, but I have been using Gemini more lately.

Edit: Some places have Bitcoin ATMs where you can just insert your cash, and the Bitcoin goes to your wallet immediately.


I bought and walleted mine on It was pretty quick to set up and buy bitcoins with a credit card.


Apparently they’re staggering the e-mails because I just got it today. I hadn’t yet seen this thread or the one on Reddit, so my first thought upon receiving an unsolicited onion link was “this is shady as fuck”. I was in the process of forwarding the e-mail with full headers to to request an official reply on its legitimacy, but fortunately I decided to Google both soylentkxgydn6bz and Soylent Trish; next step would have been to check here and Reddit but fortunately all the relevant threads showed up on Google.

Maybe next time they’ll make us call a phone number in Nigeria that reads off a magnet link for a torrent of an .exe that generates one-time-use coupon codes.


Hopefully they contract with the nice Nigerian prince that has millions of dollars that he needs moved. He recently reached out to me to help him move it. I feel so honored.


Coinbase is quick, and you can spend $100 on a credit card and get instant bitcoin. They take fees, though, and you’ll have just over $95 worth of bitcoin.

After you’re verified, you can make larger purchase and/or use a bank account. Fees will be lower, but transfers will take longer.

For a small amount of money for something like this, if you’re a trusted member of a community, it might be quicker to just put out a call in the forums… I’ll bet someone would have sold you some at a fair price, and once you find someone, it’s just a matter of agreeing to the payment. You’d have your bitcoin almost immediately, and it can’t be taken back… the person who sold it to you, however, would have to trust that your payment to them would come through. (Things like bank transfers and PayPal payments can potentially be frozen or reversed - bitcoin transactions can’t.)

But honestly, I think this Secret! marketing strategy was intended to suss out how many people already have bitcoin and would be willing to pay for stuff, as much as it was to encourage bitcoin, itself.


Finally, a use of my 37k Dogecoin. Now to figure out where to trade to btc…


Just ordered the beef flavour kit and Soylent 2.0 Flavor Array. We’ll see how that goes lol


At you could exchange for 0.00435 BTC which would have been enough to get one of the pins or mystery bottles, but they’re sold out.


Thanks! I’ll have to look into that tomorrow. I can add a couple of dollars to that to get the 4-flavor sampler kit.


You gotta hurry up because it’s gonna sold out quick


This seemed like spear phishing. You folks (Soylent) are a company. A business I trust to ship me things that I stuff into an orifice. Please use less edgy marketing.

A regular website link would have gotten me to click almost immediately. Mystery flavor would be good.


I didn’t get an e-mail about this, actually; I learned about it through this thread.


Aww, the mystery flavor and pin set are sold out? I placed an order for the sampler, mystery flavor, and pins a few days ago, but didn’t provide a large enough fee on the bitcoin transaction, so the transaction didn’t confirm quickly enough. My order ended up cancelled and refunded.

And now that I’m trying to do it again with a proper fee this time, the mystery flavor and pin set are sold out! :sob:

I love Bitcoin and have been an ardent supporter for years (purchased my first Soylent with bitcoin, actually, and at current BTC:USD ratio definitely the most expensive food I’ve ever bought). But this current segwit vs BU scaling debate/standstill is really making it hard for regular people to use it.


They “got” me with the link–I thought it was shady at first, but gradually caught on. I replied to Trish. Hopefully, whether her intelligence is artificial or not, I’ll get a response. I’d have loved one of those NASA style pins, though I do aspire to be a soylentologist versus a soylenaut.

(Though it’s better to be a soylenaut than to be soylenaught, which means one is out of Soylent.) :slight_smile:


Got mine 23 hours ago. Lovely.


Well crap. And there I wasted time contacting Support to find out whether or not the whole thing was legit, only to find out that the answer is, “Yes, but not for you.”

RF, this is not how to make Soylent accessible to more people. It is exactly the opposite.


Also, *purports



Thank you. Sorry about that.