Secret! Purports to be from "Soylent"


Due to the limited amount of items available and the nature of the campaign, I do not think wider accessibility was the point of this particular promotion.


Correct, we will be putting up more items in the near future, but we wanted to test before we opened the flood gates. This will remain a project targeted at long time Soylent fans.


It seemed a lot more inaccessible than necessary. Why even send those emails to Canadians if we aren’t eligible to take part?

My wording was not quite as precise as I’d have liked, looking back at it. Poor sleep makes a bad wordsmith. Basic idea is: why make a limited offer with suspect wording and convoluted hoops to jump through, only for part of your target market to discover they don’t qualify after putting in the effort? Shouldn’t a good AI (or promo) target only the people within the shipping area?

I’m curious as to why, if the regular product ships up here to Canada just fine, the Top Secret items would not also be able to be shipped? (If there are threads explaining what’s made where and how that fits in, I haven’t gotten to those yet.) Not angry, just confused and slightly frustrated.


Perhaps they have a list of email addresses not distinguished by country of purchase and they just blasted it out to everyone before thinking of that fact?

Obviously, I am just guessing, but @Conor might know.


@Conor, If I wanted 2 of the 4-flavor packs, can I make 2 separate purchases? Or will the second purchase be cancelled?


To be honest it’s not my project but all of these items will be shipped out from our own office so if a Canadian really wanted one we could arrange it. We did try to make sure we did not target anyone outside the US, but we can’t always be sure.


The .onion TLD is a red flag.


Just want to be able to pay in ways besides bitcoin. Paypal?


PayPal is awful from a business perspective due to extortionate fees.


I have used paypal for years. Yes I know about fees, thank you.


Exactly, so my point was it’s fairly unlikely RF are going to want to offer a method that takes such a large cut instead of the comparatively tiny cut (often non-existent) of something like Bitcoin.


We can add other payments options to the site, but we wanted to keep bitcoin as the payment method as a nod to our tech startup roots.


I like the way you guys did it, Conor. Very cool and underground.

Don’t let these sticks in the mud get you down. :stuck_out_tongue:



Will the mystery flavor be like Doritos Quest’s mystery flavor?


@inquirerer Did you get a tracking number or shipping email, or did the box just show up one day?


Butler will be giving you package on golden platter. Tips is suggested.



Got my package this week. Butler didn’t deliver, so FedEx did. I think some white glove service may have mashed the box a little less…

Anyone get the secret flavor? I’m curious as to what it is.


So has anyone actually gotten their order?


I got my sample pack. The mystery flavor was sold out before I could order. I haven’t seen any reports of the mystery flavor here or on Reddit.