Secret! Purports to be from "Soylent"


My guess is that it was a mystery even AFTER you tasted it.


Update: It’s been 6.5 weeks. I still haven’t received anything (ordered the mystery flavor and the beef). Haven’t seen anything here or on reddit indicating that anyone else has received these Soy Route items, either. Has anyone who ordered something off Soy Route other than the sample pack received it?


I also have not received my order :frowning:


Don’t hesitate to contact customer service. We used general post and sadly things can get lost.


Thanks, will contact CS today!


Hey Conor, I’ve been lurking. I emailed customer service about issues with my order but they just sent me a boilerplate back about how the Soy Route email was indeed from you guys. Don’t think they read my email? I replied and said as much but just wanted to see if you have any additional input.


We do read them, i’ll follow up. I’ll make sure you get what you paid for.


They came!! My Soy Route items finally came. I just returned from a vacation today so I’m not sure exactly when they arrived.

The boxes are marked as being from Trish at Soylent. Here’s how the “mystery flavor” was packaged:

Inside the Pringles container was a ziplock bag containing a plain, normal-looking Soylent bottle:

There are nutrition facts and ingredients on a sticker on the back:

Inside, the color is pretty similar to Original drink, with perhaps just a little more hint of ivory or yellow:

The smell gives away quickly what it’s going to taste like. It smells just like Strawberry Nesquik. And sure enough, it tastes like strawberry. I love it! It’s quite sweet, but within an acceptable range like Cacao, not overpoweringly sweet like Nectar. The strawberry flavor is distinct but not overwhelming. Definitely reminds me of Nesquik. I think this strawberry flavor could probably be described as very “artificial” but I don’t mind that. To my taste, the mystery flavor is delicious and I would be happy to buy it by the boxful if Soylent adds it to the regular product line.

I also ordered the beef flavor kit. Here’s how it was packaged:

Inside the bag is a pack of 1.8 and a canister of beef powder:

Here’s the nutrition facts and instructions for the beef flavoring:

I haven’t tried mixing up the beef yet, but from sampling just a taste on my finger it seems reminiscent of beef bouillon. I’ll report back once I’ve mixed it with some Soylent!

Which new soylent drink flavors would you like to see introduced?

Oh my, that beef flavoring adds a lot of sodium.

Thanks for the photos, very informative!


Wow, interesting! I had thought the beef flavoring might be bouillon-based when I saw the ad for it. Let us know how it tastes when you mix it in.


How was the feline packaged?


Awesome! I love strawberry. Nectar is meh.


I wonder. Strawberry and Nectar are each just fruit flavors, and similar ones at that. I get that just adding flavor to the established formula is much easier than reformulating a blend for a completely new market (i.e. Keto), so it’s no surprise that a new flavor will be introduced before a new formula, but I’m still holding out hope for a wider variety of formulas to choose from.


I emailed Trish, and s/he/it got me my order.


Streisand Effect much? It looks like the effort to keep it “hidden” and focused on a tight market backfired…


That was exactly my only question!


So you are saying that the attempt to keep the marketing effort hidden publicized Soylent more?

That may be a positive unintended consequence if so.


The goal was for it to be hidden and sneaky.