Seeking datapoints


I could swear that somewhere I read @rob making points about Soylent production vs. conventional agriculture, animal farming, etc. I’d like to find those data points again, can anyone possibly link me to them if you happen to remember where they were? I’m not sure if they were in this forum, or his blog, or elsewhere…


He was on a panel at something… I think he talked about it a bit there. Unfortunately i cannot remember what it was called. I was a few months ago. On the stage with him was a guy who was making and egg replacement out of plants.


I think he was on a panel like that at SXSW.


It was Launch 2014. Not sure if this is the full video.


I have a lot of thoughts and data on the manner I’m seeking to write more about. In the meantime here are the slides from the SXSW panel:


Most awesome of you @rob, thanks so much!!


Ah rats… I just looked at the PDF and they are slides without context, clearly meant to be narrated. So most of them aren’t of use to me since I don’t know what they refer to. :frowning:

Anyone have any suggestions on where I can go to find datapoints on all the carious things about costs and resources requires to manufacture/produce food via traditional agriculture, shipping, and all that good stuff?