Seeking Recipe Feedback - Nutrition for surgery recovery


Hi. I’ve been working on a recipe and learing this DIY soylent with some trial runs. My recipe is based on people chow, though I’ve made a number of adjustments. I’ve also tried to make sure each of the macros is coming from multiple sources: protein (whey/hemp protein), fat (canola/mct), carb (masa/psyllium/hemp protein)

I’m currently on a diet, but next week (starting a week before surgery) I’ll probably rework it a bit and bump this up to a 2000 calorie meal. I’m not very active, so I’ve opted to go with 25% carbs, 40% protein, and 35% fats. I’m around 15% body fat, and have been dieting awhile, though my macros have had many more carbs in the past and I’ve done very little micronutrient tracking.

Also, my cholesterol is high (doc said off the charts), so I’ve tried to get as much fiber in there as possible and that makes up a good portion of the carb intake.

I’d be curious if there is something I could do to optimize this. If someone is a certified nutritionist, I would be willing to work something out on the side for your time. Honestly, I don’t know what I’m doing! I’ve just been googling and reading the DRI guide and trying to figure this out as best I can. I have seen that the community is quite supportive.

I think it tastes great.

  • I realize the l-glutamine supplementation probably isn’t necessary. I bought it awhile back and after reasearching it further, wasn’t too excited about it. I figured I’d use it up for this, just in case it has benefit.
  • Want to get the manganese up, probably wont be difficult with 2k calorie mix.

Additional: Here is where I’m at for the 2k recipe

I think I’d have way too much protein if I stuck with 25/40/35. So protein I will go with the 1gram per pound of body weight while recovering. After recovery I’ll probably go back to some form of the 25/40/35, but perhaps bump the carbs up a bit. And do some exercise.



Well first off you can drop the vitamin K and maybe the second magnesium citrate. They are a little redundant. If you want to lower your cholesterol I would suggest dropping the MCT oil and switch the canola for olive or avocado oil.


Thanks horsfield.

Without the vitamin k, I am only getting 88mcg. So I had picked up some of these thinking they would cover the K. It goes way above the daily value, though.

The magnesium citrate is redundant. I’ve put in the order for the cal-mag and it should arrive tomorrow. Amazon accidentally sent me the magnesium citrate the first time I ordered. I was thinking maybe just doing higher magnesium for awhile to use it up…as long as it doesn’t mess with my stomach too much.

I will look into olive and avacado oils!

eta: Have switched out MCT and canola on the 2k calorie recipe. Seems to work nicely.


I’m sure that amount of vitamin K is fine but to seems like overkill. Below is the K I use.

This is the avocado oil I use.


How does avocado oil taste?


Might pick up tht avacado oil, possibly the vitamin K when I finish the bottle I have now. Looks like there are a lot of benefits for the avocado oil for skin as well. Now I wish I hadn’t pulled the trigger on the MCT so fast.


You can always send it to me. My cholesterol is stellar. :smile:


It has a slightly nutty flavor. Doesn’t really taste like avocado. That’s one of the reasons I like it over olive oil.