Sehr interressant



Cool. I have tried “regular” (cow & goat) milk, soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk. Out of those I like almond milk the best, I think. I would be excited to try pea milk as well; sounds interesting.


While it may be delicious and nutritious and I would be interested in trying it, I really wish they would stop calling things that are not milk milk. It’s like they are trying to trick us into drinking it. It’s unnecessary. Milk comes from mammals not plants.


How about flax and hemp?


Agreed. But it’s to make the plebeans realize it is a replacement for murder milk.


Milk comes from Nipple, not Ripple.


We have so much of this at our office :slight_smile:


I think you’re some kind of prevert!


I saw this at a grocery store and bought a couple on a whim (the original and the chocolate). I was pretty unimpressed with the taste compared to almond/soy/dairy milks, but it wasn’t bad. The downside for me, at least where I bought it, was the price.


Well, I’m certainly not going to drink it if they call it Pea.



I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon; “milk” has been used to refer to milk-like plant juices for over 600 years.


You’re not wrong. :wink:


Good point.

To avoid confusion, I’ll go back to referring to cow’s milk as “cow nipple squeezins.”



Cow Milk works just as well. There is Coconut Milk, Soy Milk, Goat Milk, Breast Milk, Cactus Milk, Pea Milk, Man Milk… Not all of which are disaccharides…:kissing_closed_eyes:


I just want my Grownup Formula to not require a diaper.



Jesus, Ode. I believe that is the scene from Kingpin where he drinks what he thinks is milk, but it came from a bull, correct?


Bull Klim. …