Selenium & prostate cancer


I heard a radio news headline about this today, so jumped on google news to look it up.

thought it would be of interest to the Soylent community.


While I was taking selenium for its anti-inflammatory properties (especially proven against uveitis which I had in the past), this is definitely giving me pause. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

The study used 200mcg, which isn’t unreasonably high. I guess selenium really shines as a curative aid rather than a prevention measure then…


I did some light googling which brought me to this site:

From that document i conclude that the participants got 200mcg of additional selenium and/or 400iu vitamin E
Those values where given on top of whatever the participant already got from food/vitamin pills.

So the selenium group was divided into 2 groups in the end. The group that had enough selenium through their own diet/pills got an overdose of selenium leading to increased risk of cancer. The upper limit for total selenium intake seems to be 200mg with 100mg appearing to be the right RDA.

The vitamin e group was obviously at risk as 400iu is roughly 8 times the rda and has been shown to be cancer forming in the past, The most recent RDA i can find is roughly 29iu total intake per day to maximize health benefits while minimizing risks

Source: My own researched nutrient profile


It seems to be the general case that overdosing on vitamins increases cancer risks, which is why multivitamins with 1000% of everything are a bad idea, but getting the needed amount, as soylent does, isn’t a problem. just don’t take multivitamins on top of soylent