Selling 1.2 and 1.3 (central NC, United States)

I have some 1.2 and 1.3 for sale. I’ll ship to anywhere in the continental US for the current one-time purchase price listed on Or if anyone happens to be near Hillsborough, NC, will work out a discount because of no shipping hassle.

1.2: 2 unopened week supply boxes
(all six week boxes of 1.3 are sold, thanks!)

I also have a few pouches and oil from opened boxes:

1.2: 3 pouches+oil
1.3: 5 pouches+oil

Please send me a message if you’re interested. In the event of multiple interested parties around the same time, priority will go to those who want larger quantities, to save on hassle.

It has been stored carefully. Reason for selling is change of diet (doing much better on keto).

Thank you!

@vanclute may want that 1.3.

Thank you! Sent the user a message.
Edit: that user is set with 1.3 for quite awhile, so all of mine is still available.

Messaged you about those 3 pouches of 1.2 :slight_smile:

I replied via PM. Craving some 1.3!

What do you mean with cost + shipping? Do you mean the same cost as on

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Hm, yeah, I wasn’t very clear and hadn’t put enough thought into that part. How about for simplicity I’ll use the one-time purchase price (and not add on shipping).

So, to be clear, it essentially the same price (or more expensive since most people do the subscription price) from you for Soylent that has been around awhile as from the official source for new Soylent?

I can see if someone wants the older stuff and is willing to pay more for it, but I can’t imagine you will find any takers for the 1.5 like that.

I am not trying to be mean or anything. Just trying to look at it from a purely economic point of view.

Well, that’s a good point, thanks. I don’t do this kind of stuff often and am not very good at it. Seems like it makes sense to sell the older versions at the one-time purchase cost since they cannot be had on subscription any longer and some prefer it.

With the newer versions, yeah, should probably reduce the price if there currently is not a delay getting it from the official site. We weren’t really trying to be greedy, just remember the huge wait time we had in getting ours. I’ll revise the main post again.