Selling 1 full box and 1 bag of 1.5

I have discovered that I cannot take the gluten content of 1.5, so I am looking for people who are interested in purchasing an entire box of it, plus a bag. That’s 8 unopened bags in total. I am not planning on purchasing Soylent again after this, so I am not looking for trades. Price is set at $25, and shipping will be paid for. Please send a message if interested, and you must be comfortable with giving out your address. Thank you for taking this off my hands!

EDIT: This product is expired. The date is 6/16. None of the pouches are opened and everything still looks new from the outside. The offer is now a “I pay shipping, you take this stuff if you want it” type deal.

So yeah… Free 1.5 to a good gluten-tolerant home.

What’s the expiration date?

Do you have celiacs? My Dad does… RL has said in the past that the powder might have some indirect gluten from the manufacturing process and couldn’t certify it as celiac safe, but I always wondered exactly how much gluten was in it and if it was too much for people suffering from celiacs. When the ill fated 1.6 with algal flour came out there seemed be be speculation that it might be gluten free although they never said so… I have no clue about 1.7. Anyway, just curious.

The expiration date is 6/16. whoa. my apologies for not checking that before posting this. It’s been a really rough time over here.

Seriously though - none of what is offered has been opened. Everything is sealed. Because of the expired status, I’d pay shipping and if you’re still interested, you’d get the 8 pouches free of charge.

Apologies again.

I’m not diagnosed with celiac, no, but I’m pretty sure my experimentation with 1.5 is what triggered a lot of my current issues with gluten sensitivity in the first place. Anyways, thank you for your information, and I’m glad to know there’s at least some progress happening. I would love a cut-and-dry gluten free product though… That way I could consume it without being scared of it. Long sigh.

This still available? I have stomach like a machine and have had expired soylent before not a biggie for me. Working with a limited budget this would help me out

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The expiration doesn’t make it indigestible, the vitamins just degrade.

The 1.5 has a taker, but things haven’t been finalized yet. I’ll keep this thread updated accordingly.