Selling 1 month of Soylent at cost (oil blend)


I actually have 2 months available, I’m willing to break it into two 1 month shipments but I really do not want to go the 1 week route. You pay for shipping, PM me if interested and I’ll give you the zip I will ship it from (carrier of your choice)


May I ask why you don’t want to continue with your Soylent?


Does not agree with my physiology.


@ElCarnicero I’m interested in this offer. I cant seem to PM you though (as a new user).


If no one else wants a full month, I’d take one. But since I still have some on hand, I’ll defer to those who don’t.


Interested. At what price are you selling 1 month worth of Soylent?

I’m in Europe and wanted to get a small shipment just to try it. I should be able to cover shipment as it is outside the US and most likely more expensive.

I could only pay in Bitcoin though.


I really want it - I ordered a month, and then a month more after the cut-off date, but I have no idea when we’re going to get our orders - so I’m not sure if this would just add more or not. But I’m nearly at the point where I really need to start thinking about it for dietary reason, so I’m not sure what the smartest thing to do is!


I had hoped for a more detailed answer, but sorry it doesn’t agree. Perhaps a DIY is more suited.


At cost $255 for 1 month.


I could pay full cost + shipping via PayPal today


Sorry, you joined this site an hour ago and i’ve been burned WAY too many times…


I can verify my ID if you PM me. I have a verified PayPal / eBay account as well.


i would like to purchase, i can pay with paypal immediately, shipping to southern california.


If for some reason they have not already sold, i would like to buy one as well.


Just joined to reply to you. I’d love to buy 1mo worth, can also verify identity via any method you want (ebay, etc).


If this is still available, I’d love to buy a month! Please PM me if it’s still available.


If no one has purchased them (or you have one available) I will purchase it!

I haven’t posted much but I did post an actual thread a few weeks ago that Julio helped with.