Selling 10 Boxes of 2.0, NYC, $20-25 a case

I have 10 cases of Soylent I am looking to sell. I bought a bunch when it was on sale a few months ago but have since moved to a keto diet and will be staying on it longer than anticipated.

I have 6x Cases of Original, 3x Cases of Strawberry, and 1x Case of Chocolate. Looking for $25 a case but willing to go down to $20 if the entire lot is bought in one transaction.

Expiration dates:

1x Strawberry: October 2019

2x Strawberry: December 2019

1x Chocolate: February 2020

Originals should all be November 2019 and later

I also have unboxed 10 Originals, 8 Chocolates, and 6 Strawberries I’d be willing to sell for $2 a bottle.

Pickup only, near the Lincoln Square area of NYC. Willing to do it over multiple days/trips since its such a large batch

UPDATE: The flavored boxes have sold.

I now have just the 6x original cases, plus the unboxed bottles listed above. Changing the price of those to $1.50 a bottle