Selling 12 Bags of 1.5

I have 12 unopened bags of Soylent 1.5, expires in 10/2016

I’m moving to 2.0 and need to unload the 1.5 I have left. Looking
for $75 via PayPal, shipping included! I am in Massachusetts, but will
ship anywhere in US included in the price.

1.5 sells for $7.71 per bag direct from Soylent.

Selling for $6.25 per bag.

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Yeah, I’m interested. Can you send PayPal account info?

I have 12 bags of 1.4 I’m looking to sell, if anyone is interested…

email me at matt1000 AT

@ekarey @mmarshall80
Are either of you still selling?

Yes, @rkjnsn, I am. I could ship it out tomorrow. But please email me to discuss price and exchange PayPal info:

Matt1000 AT