Selling 2 boxes of 1.3 and 1 box of 1.4

Hey everyone.

I have 2 * v1.3 and 1 * v1.4 for sale. Was thinking about putting them up onto eBay, but figured I could try here first.

Asking price is 65 + Shipping. I’ll consider reasonable counter-offers.

Pictures of the boxes can be provided if necessary.

v1.4 is Lot #L5049 with an expiration date of 2/2017.

Paypal or Google Wallet preferred.

Did you find a buyer?

Not yet. Are you still interested?

Sorry about the delay in the response, I just got back from vacation.

All 3 boxes are still available for anyone interested. I’d like to move these.

Price is 50 + shipping for each box.

Try the Soylent Swap Thread. Or maybe eBay, since it has been a month, and that was your original inclination.

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