Selling 2 Months of Soylent, at Cost in NY / NJ area


Soylent simply doesn’t work for me. It completely destroys my stomach. I stuck with it and tried every version, used enzymes, etc. I’ve given up on it, until a major (hopefully oat-free) revision occurs.

So, I canceled my subscription and am selling all the Soylent I have accumulated. Over two months worth, at cost. Most of it is version 1.2 and 1.3, with one week of 1.1.

I’d prefer to do this locally, in the northern NJ or NYC area.

Any local buyers? Please message me. We can work something out.



Sorry to hear it hasn’t worked for you. I would recommend you post this over at r/SoylentMarket, the forum here no longer allows resale and your thread may get locked.

You may also consider a DIY soylent. Many have found they don’t have these issues on the homemade blends, and if you don’t want to make it yourself there are several folks selling their blends.



I feel strongly it is the oats causing the issues, and look forward to a version without them.


This is the same thing that happened to me. I really wish I could eat this stuff, but my colon was never meant to be a fire hydrant.