Selling 27 bags of Soylent 1.2 and 21 bags of 1.0 (shipping to Europe only)


I have 27 pouches of Soylent 1.2 (21 of them are still in original unopened boxes) and 21 pouches of Soylent 1.0.

I wasn’t able to adjust my body to Soylent (although I was trying very hard and consumed about 35 bags) so there is no sense neither in keeping those nor in throwing them out. I’ve been keeping them in cold and dry storage, and the caps on 1.0 oil containers were tightened when they arrived.
Version 1.0 expiry date is 5/2015 (it’s still fine though, but since it’s technically expired, so the price is much lower)
Version 1.2 expiry date is 10/2015

I don’t want to sell individual pouches, but rather packages of 7 or more pouches. The packages will be shipped from Poland.

As for the price I was thinking about
Soylent 1.2 - $60 (EUR 54) for a package of 7 + shipping cost
Soylent 1.2 - $52 (EUR 47) for a package of 6 + shipping cost
Soylent 1.0 - $40 (EUR 36) for a package of 7 + shipping cost

Should you be interested in getting more in one shipment please feel free to make me an offer.

PM me if you’re interested.