Selling 27 Pouches of 1.8 Powder-Richmond, VA

I’ve got 27 pouches of 1.8 powder in 3 unopened boxes and 6 loose pouches. Loose pouches have an expiration of 6/18 and the boxes expire 7/18. $160 for the lot. That’s about $6 a pouch. Even with a subscription, this would cost almost $210 from Soylent. Save yourself $50!


Why am I selling it? I’ve stopped eating anything remotely sweet in an effort to break a lifelong cycle of sweet bingeing. Despite being low glycemic, the taste of Soylent is sweet enough to trigger my sweet tooth.


Look at the new Super Fuel Plain. It has no sweetness whatever, I describe it as “slightly salty pancake batter”. Sold as a base for adding your own flavors, but it’s not bad as-is.


Did these sell? I’m considering. Do you know what shipping would be to St Louis, MO?