Selling 3 months supply of Soylent 1.3 (shipping to USA only)


I have 3 months worth of Soylent 1.3 sitting in a warehouse of a forwarding service in Chicago. They were supposed to be shipped to me to Poland/EU, but ultimately I wasn’t able to adjust my body to Soylent and I’ve cancelled the subscription too late. So it makes no sense for me to pay the shipping and the import fees.
The forwarding service agreed to ship it back to an US address, but it has to be everything (so the whole 3 months supply) in one package.

For payment I can accept PayPal, a wire transfer to my US account (or any other form of a direct deposit) or a check (though this form of payment will take more time).

As for the price I was thinking about $650 (but feel free to make an offer).


@vanclute may be interested.


How long has it been sitting at the Reshipper’s warehouse. Are you sure it’s version 1.3 and not 1.4?


Two shipments are from January (my December package got lost and they had to reship it) and one from February, so they are 3-4 months old. I have all 3 confirmation emails (can forward them if you PM me with your email) stating that those are versions 1.3, so I’m pretty sure it’s all version 1.3.


Thanks for the heads up Ric. I wish Discourse sent emails when there’s a PM, I would have found out about this over a week ago!

I am potentially interested, though just found out that 1.5 is finally available. I’ve asked to have our 7 bag subscription unpaused so I should be able to try it by early next week I would imagine. Depending on how we receive it… I may very well take all of your 1.3 off your hands. I’ll send you a PM so we can communicate more. Thanks!


Under preferences, check “Send me an email when someone messages me.”


@vanclute, I got your PM and will reply today.


I turned out that I had 4 months’ worth of Soylent 1.3 in that warehouse (for some reason the December shipment was sent twice and the forwarding service only found out when they were looking for the other 3 boxes).
I’ve sold 3 month’s worth to @ravenvii (he already received the packages), so I still have one left.

So, anyone interested in one month supply of Soylent 1.3?


Ah rats. Oh well, lucky @ravenvii! I still want to try 1.5 and am hopeful that we’ll like it. If not however, I will definitely be on the hunt for more 1.3 since we’re down to about 4 boxes I believe.


The last box of 1.3 has been sold.
Thanks everyone for your interest.