Selling 39 bags for $7 per bag


I will be selling them for $7 per bag. I just cant stand the taste anymore.

If you are a local(California) or within 2 hours from me and willing to drive and pick it up I will give you $100 off if you buy the whole thing.

Pref Payment: Bitcoin or cash in hand


Subscription price is about $9 per bag (shipping included), so you might need to drop your price a little.


I did not know that. I am now changing it to $7 per bag


what version? thanks


1.4 the latest version atm


Where are you in CA? I live in Santa Clarita but commute to San Pedro almost every day


I live in Fresno. About a few hours away


would you be willing to sell a few by themselves? i seriously want to try it and dont want to buy two full weeks only really want 3-5 days


sorry im only selling buy weeks


I live in Oakhurst, you said you want $173 picked up in Fresno? Do you have all the scoops and mixer too?

If so Call it sold i’ll take it!


Yes how many bags are you buying?