Selling 4 weeks Official Soylent


Started them at $65 and free shipping:

Once these go I will have another four weeks to list for anyone interested.



Aw man, I wish you would have marked those down for buy it now…

But, screw it, I’m in :slight_smile:


Well that wouldn’t have been very fun. :smiling_imp:

Happy bidding. :smiley:


ill trade you for 3 days of schmoylent :wink:


@JulioMiles Please review thread. This seems inappropriate.


Providing an opportunity for those that haven’t gotten their orders yet, is inappropriate? I could just throw it away . . .

I assume you object to the fact that I’m leaving it up to the market to decide the price? There’s a chance that every one of those can go for cost, if it does great, if it doesn’t great. I will let the market decide.


I object to the fact you made the auctions 10 days long! Jeesh, we already have a “waiting” problem with the real Soylent. Couldn’t you have had mercy sir!!! lol

On a serious note- I really do mean that a little bit. When I saw your auctions were long ones, I found another with a buy it now and spent $110 on 5 days worth to tide me over until I can order some from axcho (and keep waiting for my official order). It will be interesting to see how yours go when the auction gets closer to completion :slight_smile:


Personally, I’m mostly concerned that you mentioned having “another four weeks to list”. Does that mean you are a 2 month backer who’s selling off what you received or are you planning on reordering the second 4-week package if these sell? If you’re buying solely for the purpose of reselling, I think its both inappropriate for the forums and downright exploitative… But if you already have them on hand, then good for you.

Do you mind if I ask why you are no longer interested in Soylent?


Well actually the auctions are 7 day auctions and were posted last night. This puts them to end Monday night next week for a Tuesday morning shipment date. I would have done a 5 day, but that would have ended Friday night, and I will be unavailable this weekend, so the earliest I could ship would be Monday anyways. Its just how the logistics worked out this time around.


Yes I am a two month backer with a monthly subscription that has had two reorders so far. Of that, I have consumed almost two months worth. I actually intended on having a 6 month supply in house at all times for emergencies, but I wanted to make sure it worked for me first.

I’ve actually explained at length the reasoning for my stopping consumption in other threads, but to recap: The bloating and gas issues have not subsided for me after almost two months of use at over 75% of my calories per day. I’ve tried every suggestion the forum has offered, including soaking, probiotics, digestive enzymes, reducing consumption as well as ensuring to only sip it through the day. Nothing has worked for me. I have orders from both @axcho and @spaceman to sample their blends to see if they work better for my physiology. I really wanted this to work for me, but sadly it hasn’t. If enough people have the same issues as I have, Rosa Labs will have to change the formula and I will be down for trying it again.

With that, I am making my supply and subscription available to anyone that wants it. If it makes me a bit of money on the side then fine, if not, at least I was able to give back what I had taken. I prefer to let the market decide the price and I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I’m sure it will sell regardless, but I figured I would give backers a chance at it as well.



Ah okay. Sorry, I didn’t connect the names. But yeah, if you cancelled your subscription and are you just selling leftovers, then I thank you for helping out others despite your own issues. Even if you make a little profit.


Yep. This is also the reason that I sold off the remaining three weeks of my official Soylent order. I only gave it a few days though, not two months. I’m impressed at your persistence.

And very curious to hear if you do better on my DIY, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:


@snakethejake - if you feel better with @axcho or my blend - it would be one more argument into variety of blends that we advocate at DIY-marketplace.

When I received feedback from customers that 100%FOOD stops diarrhea - I thought - why not to create a Wiki around secondary effects of Powdered Foods?! It will help all of us with choosing right blend. What do you think? Who can help with that?


Not a bad idea. It would actually be nice to have a tab in the recipe screen to record experienced side effect for each recipe. Maybe with fields for duration, consumption percentage, length of time on the recipe etc. The more data points we have collected in a single database, the easier it is to analyze trends. Just a matter of structuring the data. If anything it would allow people to be more informed of possible side effects and their duration.

My biggest issue with Rosa Labs at this point is the lack of information coming out of their data gathering efforts. If I knew that only 3-4% of people continued to experience bloating and gas after X number of days, I would immediately know that the official recipe isn’t for me. On the contrary if the percentage was 30-40%, then I would make the assumption that Rosa Labs would have to address the issue directly with a formula change. This is the type of collaboration I was hoping to see from the company and knowing this, I think, would put a lot of peoples minds at ease and really make us feel like we are a part of this process.

I filled out the survey they sent me with as much info as I could, so hopefully they are on their way to this. My persistence for two months was based on how much I wanted it to work. :smile:


Thanks @snakethejake for appreciation.

I think that for records of secondary effect should be responsible a dietician or nutritionist.
If you see such - let him know, we’re looking for consultant for marketplace.


O_O I want to make this now… I definitely agree about Rosa Labs and data collection. I was hoping that they would create a formal collection process like you described. But now I’ve realized that there’s nothing stopping us from making it ourselves. And integrating data from the DIY users would provide even more data and faster testing of hypotheses. So much science…

If nobody beats me to the punch, I’ll start a git repo with a proof of concept when I find the time.