Selling 5 weeks of Soylent (1.0, 1.1, 1.2)

Long story short, I love Soylent, but overestimated what my consumption would be early on. As a result, I have some boxes of the early versions that I know I’ll never get to.

Either persuade me to go through the hassle of shipping this stuff, or offer to meet up with me if you’re also in Florida and we’ll arrange a trade. (I would rather not say exactly where I am, sorry.)

$150 o.b.o.

You’re probably not going to get much demand for the old stuff, you might want to consider selling by the bag or just polishing it off slowly if it’s not going to expire soon.

I have a big backlog of 1.4 myself, which I was hoping to finish before starting the 1.5 I got before I paused my subscription. At the rate I go through it, I need to go through about 12 boxes of 1.5 before they expire in April.

Remember the expiration date is very conservative. You can probably consume them well after April; nothing magic happens then.