Selling bottles of Coffiest. - 5x original black label, 4x Cafe Chai - $30 shipped

Hi, I’m selling a lot of 9x bottles of Coffiest. I’m asking $30 shipped.

I ship inside the United States only.

5x Original -black label-
4x Cafe Chai.

Could I just score the Nectar off of you?

Hey. Yeah I could do that. PM sent.

So they’re not producing the Nectar flavor anymore. Did they say what flavor they’ll be replacing it with?
curious :slight_smile:

I will be selling the Coffiest / and Cafe Chai together. 9x bottles for $32 shipped.

Not yet. They’ve teased that it’s from the Rose Family, and earlier this year they sent out “top secret” test type products and one of them was an unlabeled drink bottle which users identified as strawberry. So I assume we are getting strawberry. Can’t know for sure though.

Selling bottles of Coffiest. Not Coffiest bottles.

Thank you for the correction. :slight_smile:

I’ve now lowered my asking price to $30 shipped.

Hey! Sorry. I don’t get the notifications on here so I have been off the radar. Sorry about that.

Its cool. Were you still interested in the 5x Nectar bottles?

@roccopaone Ready to go when you are.